Friday, May 9, 2014

SoTrue Lavender Oatmeal Castile Soap: Sample Room

Okay, so I'm not really scheduled to have a post today but since I am feeling extra diligent today, I'm writing down a simple post to cut down my long list of back logs. I'm writing this down on a Friday so I might as well do a "Flashback Friday" post today.

I got this particular product almost exactly one year ago from Sample Room. I got it along with other Sample Room products, I'm just not sure exactly which one. I only needed 20 points to get this so I took advantage of the situation and sampled this too.

Timing couldn't be more perfect because during that time, I was having some skin troubles. I was diagnosed with Acute Urticaria and I couldn't just use any commercial soap. I was advised to only use oatmeal soap as it is best for irritated and dry skin. So aside from the fact that it only costed 20 points, I was being a good patient and followed my doctor's orders.

I feel that this product helped me get over with my skin problems as it was very gentle on the skin and very moisturizing. I'm really glad I came across this product.

Normally, since I already made my point, I would end the post by encouraging you/ discouraging you to purchase this product. But since I want to catch up with my drawn-out back logs, I will be squeezing in a face mask feature. Don't worry though, as it is just like any other Korean face mask I've tried and I already made a thorough post on that over here so you won't have to read through it again (if you already did). The problem, however, lies if you haven't read that post yet. Well, I guess it is still your prerogative, if you want to read it or not. Am I right? ;)

 Tony Moly Essential Mask Sheet Pack- Cucumber
 PHP58.00 from Watsons

with love, Anna Luisa

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