Sunday, March 30, 2014

THEFACESHOP 더페이스샵 Face It Aura CC Cream: Review

Hi everyone! I'm back with a long overdue post. I had this item up in my youtube account more than a month ago. The clips were filmed back in December and the video was edited and uploaded mid-February. I don't know why I kept on procastinating this written item review. It was one of my 'most precious' beauty purchases last year (2013) and I was really excited to use it. I am still using this very product to date but I don't know why it took me so long to write my review down.

Anyway, I won't be dwelling much onto that since I am, in fact, ready to share my thoughts on this product. To be honest, I have been more active in blogging. I write down a review every other day which means I write about 3-4 posts a week. But even though I write as much as that, I still have a lot of back logs. Many photos of different items are still stored in my hard drive and it's driving me nuts! Anyway, I just really hope I get to keep this up. Oh, and I'm also restarting my Asian drama/music blog called Yoboseyo-Asia. You might wanna check it out if you're into Asian (Korean, Japanese, Thai) dramas, movies and music.

So there goes my off-topic paragraph. I'm sorry I had to mention those. Anyway, I am here to review my THEFACESHOP 더페이스샵 Face It Aura CC Cream in #2 Natural Beige. It has SPF 30 and PA ++. I got this from an online store called Kkochipida ( with Ms. Charm. I got it for cheap at PHP795, compared to the commercial local price of PHP 1,595. If you're in a tight budget and you're into Korean cosmetics, I highly recommend that you get your stuff from Kkochipida. The link directs you to their site. Just to let you know, though, I purchased this particular product with my own money. I was not sponsored and all the things that I will be writing down are all my honest opinions derived from my experience of using the product.

Although I did get the product in mid-August, I only got to start using the item in December, shortly before my visit to Japan. It was winter then and I wanted to get an item that I can use to keep the moisture locked in my skin even under the cold winter weather. It was a battle in between my two other BB Creams and this. But since CC Creams are known to have more skin care benefits than BB Cream, I opted to bring this along with me.

Below would be my thoughts on the product in different aspects.


This could actually be considered a skill. Within a few minutes after opening the product, I immediately messed the sponge with a smudge of the actual product. Product photo op fail! Sorry!

One of the most interesting things about this product is the packaging. It comes as a fairly thick compact as opposed to other products that comes in a tube. I personally like how it looks like and the puff that comes with the product also works pretty well. Aside from that, the compact has a mirror so you don't have to worry about on the go touch ups.


As I've said, I got it in the shade #2 Natural Beige which is a good match for my skin. Unlike other CC Creams, this particular product from THEFACESHOP comes out as a beige tone cream, instead of the usual white ones that changes color upon blending onto the skin. I actually like the color of this CC Cream as opposed to other CC Creams I've tried in counters before.


Since CC Cream is known to provide more skin care benefits as opposed to BB Creams, coverage is not really their forte. This item, however, is an exception. It has light to medium coverage and can definitely even out skin tone and hide redness and light blemishes on the skin. Although if you have bumps on your face caused by pimples, I suggest you cover it up with a nice concealer.


As expected, the product is a little thick but creamy. I prefer to apply it using the puff, as opposed to my fingertips since it blends better with the puff.


It has a slightly dewy finish so I always set it with face powder. To be honest, I don't use this product when I know I would be outdoors since it's very humid here in the Philippines. I only use it when I know I would be using it indoors where air conditioning is expected. It has, however, served me so well during my stay in Japan last December 2013, during winter season.


Since I stayed in Japan for 3 weeks, I expected to have dry patches here and there throughout my stay. But that didn't happen. Aside from my usual moisturizer, I feel that this product helped contribute to that.

Now, before I end this post, let me share a demo/ overview video of me using the product with the use of both my fingertips and the sponge that came with the product (comparison).

with love, Anna Luisa

Friday, March 28, 2014

Etude House Wonder Pore Freshner: Review

There are a lot of reasons why Etude House Wonder Pore Freshner should be loved. Why? Well, I won't be writing it down with my own words. There are a lot of reviews/posts regarding this product that you probably already know the reason/s why. But all the same, I will be including a little product description for those who have never heard of this product yet.

Etude House Wonder Pore Freshner is a pore care product that prevents and shrinks enlarged pores, firms skin, and eliminates harmful bacterium from forming under skin. It solves multiple skin care troubles at once with its patented formula. Cinnamon, Lotus and, germanium extracts control excessive sebum while vegetable ingredients refine skin tone. Take control of your pores today!
Directions: After cleansing, use an appropriate amount on cotton pad and wipe gently. May be transferred into another container to use as mist. (Morning and Evening)
  • Maintains ph 4.5 to within 1 ph
  • Refines the skin tones
  • Keep the elasticity of pores
  • Deep cleanses pores
  • Minimize appearance of pores
  • Control a large amount of the sebum (oil control)
  • Moisturize inside and outside of skin

All information mentioned above were taken from No, I did not buy this item from them. I was simply not in the mood to type all of that when the information is already in the internet, ready to be copied and pasted. Lazy me, I know. Sorry.

With all those said, there really are a lot of reasons to love this particular product. Specifically, there are seven (mentioned above in bullets). But all those publicity aside, some people claim it is their holy grail toner. I've heard so many good reviews (such as this and this) regarding the product. Also, Etude House was a brand that oiseau88, a youtuber, liked in terms of skin care that is why when I dropped by an Etude House boutique, shortly after this product was released (almost 2 years ago), I immediately bought it. During that time, only the 500ml variant was available. It was only later that the 250ml was made available to the public. So yeah, I spent roughly 800 pesos (PHP798 to be exact) just to buy this product-- the 500ml one, not to be confused with its little sibling.

To be honest, I am not the type of person to spend a lot on just one product, in general. That's why it came to my mom's surprise when I told her I bought the product with my own money. Well, it was a pretty big container and this 500ml product would probably last me for months and months so during that time, it really didn't matter to me. I was also given a small sample bottle for me to try out which was actually redundant, 'cause I already had the full size. But I didn't mind it since I figured I could use the container for when I go to travel.

So with high hopes, I used the product. What I liked most about this item, aside from the fact that it contains a lot of product, is its pump! It's not the usual kind of pump you see from other brands. I thought it was innovative and was hassle free. When applied to my skin, it doesn't feel stingy at all, which is of course a plus! Moreover, it was able to remove deep seated dirt that was not removed by my cleanser and was also able to control my oil production. Had it not been for the thing that I am about to say, I would still be using this toner and would probably give it a perfect rating, if asked. However, no matter how much it stays true to its claim, it broke me out!

At first, I was in denial. Who wouldn't be? It's been only 2 days since I tried the product and there I was, pimple faced! So I continued using the product for about two weeks, twice a day. Sadly, though, my breakouts did not improve. As soon as one zit healed, another would pop out. It was definitely a heart breaking moment for me. No matter how much I wanted to love the product, the product just wouldn't love my skin back. So yeah, I kind of stopped using it even though I was not even halfway through the product. I just asked my sister to try it out for herself but lo and behold, it also broke her out! What is wrong with our chemistry, Etude? Your cleansing cream broke me out way before I started using this, and now this? Why, Etude, why?! Now I'm afraid to try your face products. :( But don't worry I still have faith in your cosmetics because my favorite eye shadows are from your store. Also, my favorite face mask is from Etude!

Back to what I was saying, few months after, I transferred some of its contents in a spritz bottle to use it as face mist. This was a suggestion by a sales lady to avoid wastage of such precious toner (Like I said, I still had more than half left). Sadly, it still broke me out. So yeah, it certainly did not work out for me and I wouldn't be repurchasing this item. Just know, though, that even though it didn't work out for me, there are still other people who had great experience with this product.

So would I recommend this product? Honestly? Yes. Yes, you heard me right. YES. Why? Well, aside from the fact that it broke me out, all its other claims were very much fulfilled by Etude House. So if you haven't tried this before, I see no harm in doing so. Just don't get the big bottle (500ml) first as it has a tendency to break one out. Get the smaller (250ml) one for a trial or if you can get the sample size, have a go at that first. The thing is, this product is more of a hit or miss kind of thing so if you have oily or oily combination skin and you're lucky, you might just get to find your holy grail toner right here. If, on the other hand, you are unlucky, do let me know. I will give you a virtual hug and let you join my club.
with love, Anna Luisa

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Top 5 Summer/ Spring 2014 Lip Colors

The weather here in the Philippines has noticeably been getting higher and higher. My iPad Mini says it's currently 27C (March 25, 8PM). That's pretty warm considering I'm writing this down at night time (yes, I am scheduling a post for tomorrow). Summer is really already here. Although not my favorite time of the year (my favorites are the months of December- January when the weather's colder), summer is undeniably the season for fun. I'm sure most of you are already planning your own summer getaway, may it be with your family, friends or special someones. *Ahem ahem...* (Bitter alert! I'm single, that's why! LOL!) On the other side of the world, however, it's spring time. And just like summer, spring is also a nice season to enjoy and relax.

I, however, am not really the type of person to go out that much especially if the weather's hot. But when I do, I like to make sure that I incorporate a touch of summer onto my outfit or makeup. For this post, I will be sharing with you my favorite summer/ spring lip colors.
Most of the items here are local Philippine products so if you're from the Philippines, this would definitely be a helpful post for you. Brands included for this post are Nichido, Colour Collection, Ever Bilena and Etude House (the only nonlocal product from the set). If you live outside the Philippines, however, I still encourage you to view the video since it will give you an idea of the shades and maybe you could look for dupes in your very own drugstore.
So how did you like my summer/ spring choices? Do you like it? What are your own summer/ spring go-to lip colors? Comment down below, I'd love to know!
with love, Anna Luisa

Monday, March 24, 2014

Skinfood Royal Honey Mask: Review

Throwback post alert! I wrote this entry down a few months ago back when I was still employed as a nurse. I won't be editing this out so I can preserve the thoughts that came into my head during that time when I used this particular product.

 Hangul practice, anyone? :)

Today is another rest day for me which means it's face mask day. During my rest days, I try to give my skin a treat by using face masks. Today, I reached out for this Royal Honey Mask from Skin Food.

Skinfood Royal Honey Mask is a clear liquid comparable to an essence's consistency. It is a wash off face mask. It is easily spread and has a soft smell but immediately disappears once you apply it on your face. One sachet contains a lot as it is good for more than one use. 

After washing my face, I applied this all over my face and left it for about 15-20 minutes. After which, I rinsed it off with water. My skin feels smoother and softer after rinsing the mask off. I aslo noticed that there's this feeling of tightness on my pores, which I like. I didn't break out with this product, just as any other Skin Food products I've tried.

It's not a remarkable product, in my opinion. It works just like your typical moisturizing face mask. I don't see any reason not to recommend it, though. So yeah, I ask that you guys try this one out for your weekly dose of skin treatment.
with love, Anna Luisa

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Tony Moly Cats Wink Clear Pact in Clear Skin #1: Review

I gotta be honest, guys (and by 'guys', I mean 'girls'). I don't like cats. I get allergic to (any) animal fur and to make things worse, I was scratched by a stray one back when I was just a little kid. It was traumatic and I was scared. But that didn't stop the family from having one. Yes, we have one here at home but I don't really play with it (...or 'him'. Don't wanna upset cat lovers, do I?) I'm not even sure why we have a cat. Our house help says he was born here and that even though we had no intention of adopting him, we just naturally fed the cat and since then, he never went away. He doesn't even have a name. We just call him "Miming", just like how we call any other cat. But then again, this post is not about our house cat. It's about another cat that I personally use and own. It's my Tony Moly Cats Wink Clear Pact.

 The packaging looks so cute, don't you think? :)
 Not the cheapest compact powder out there but definitely not that expensive.
 Shade #1 (Clear Skin)

Okay, so this cat isn't actually real and I know that writing about our house cat for my intro sounds lame. But then again, I can't think of another introduction so I will just leave it at that. Heck, I'm writing this down at 2:30AM! So if you really think about it, I should just be thankful that words are actually coming out of my head!

 You can test your hangul skills by reading the back label.

 It has a paw print on the powder itself!

So enough about my house cat, my introduction and my dramatic way of saying I wanna go to sleep. Let's get down to business and talk about the product itself. First and foremost, I loooovvvee the packaging. Although I don't like cats in general, I would be willing to get along with this one because 1.) It can't scratch or bite me. It's not alive. 2.) It's super duper cute! I even had friends comment on how cute this powder pact looks like whenever I get it out of my makeup kit for a touch up. 3.) To top it all off, it's in pink (my favorite color)! So just by looking at the design, I knew deep within my heart that I was bound to get this for myself... And I did! With the help of the saleslady at SM Makati, I got the one in Clear Skin shade (#1).

This shade is actually a little bit light upon initial application but it oxidizes a little bit on me so it sets into a shade closer to my actual skin tone. It is a good product to set makeup and control excessive dewiness or even help keep my oil production at bay.  It doesn't cake and doesn't break me out, which is a plus. With my oily skin and humid weather in the Philippines, it stays on for about 3 hours before I need to re-blot. This is pretty standard for my case since I have really really oily skin. So far, I have no regrets buying this product and I am actually thinking about repurchasing this, if I don't get the urge to try a new product once this runs out.
with love, Anna Luisa

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Updated Skin Care Routine: Acne Control (March 2014)

Before I start throwing back memories on my acne battle since first year in high school, I think you guys should have an idea of the items that I'm actually using as of the moment.

I'm not sure if it will come as a surprise to you but I have dermatologist prescribed items with me as of the moment. Have you ever heard of Advanced Aesthetics? How about Dr. Javellana? Well, if you do then that makes everything easier for me. If not, well, that's too bad cause I won't be talking about her on this post. You can, however, go here for some details you might be interested in. But basically, I use her skin care stuff. I'm not actually a patient. I just got my friend to tell me where she gets her skin care stuff and I went and bought it without consultation with Dr. Javellana herself. I know it's risky. But the staff are also quite knowledgeable about their products and they would be able to help you in choosing which products and what concentration you need for yourself. I just followed their advice and I figured I can just come in for a formal consultation if the problem still persists after using the skin care set.

So the skin care set comes with a soap, erythromycin solution, growth factor serum, bleaching cream, sunblock, tretinoin and ceramides cream. I used to use all of them but the clinic is a little bit far and it takes some effort to go there and purchase the products so I mixed her stuff with some of my skin care 'discoveries'. It is not recommended to use this set along with other products, at least that's what the assistant said. But then again, she can't stop me from doing so. That's why I will tell you more about my daily routine.


1. Soap

 I'm using this Clinique soap as of the moment because it was gifted by my aunt from the US.
My trusty face soap that I will get back on using once the Clinique soap is all out-- Be Organic Aloe Jojoba Natural Handmade Soap

In the set, there was this soap called Pink Soap. That's what you're supposed to use for your face. I used to wash my face with it but I used it all up and decided not to bother going to the clinic just for one piece of soap. Right now, I'm using Clinique's bar soap. I'm not entirely sure of the name but it was just sent from my aunt in the US and as soon as I finish it up, I will get back to my Be Organic Aloe Jojoba Natural Handmade Soap, which I buy from Sesou in Glorietta 2.

2. Erythromycin Solution

 I got this solution from Dermcare

I started using erythromycin even before Dr. Javella. Flawless also uses erythromycin as topical antibacterial. I believe this is an essential part of the set that kills the pimple forming bacteria off your face. This is the first one that runs out in the set. And like the soap, I really don't want to go back every 3 weeks just for this so I just go to this nearby facial spa called Dermcare and buy their erythromycin solution. The place is more convenient, I can just walk to get there. And the best part? Their solution is much cheaper! :)

3. Growth Factor Serum (Vitamin A Solution)

Out of all the items in the set, this is the one that lasts the longest. One small bottle can last for about 6 months or so. You only need about 3 drops every application. It is also multifunctional. It helps tighten pores, remove dead skin cells and helps in drying up existing zits. I love this to death. I can probably live without the other items from the set but not this one.

4. Bleaching Cream

I'm sorry that it looks kinda messy but I'm almost out of this and I don't have a new one to take a photo of.

Just as you would expect, bleaching cream is used for whitening. Not exactly to lift your shade lighter but I guess to make your skin brighter and glowy. Of course, it also helps in lightening pimple marks, which I believe is its main purpose.

5. Sun Block

You can't leave the house without sunblock while using whitening products. This SPF 60 cream helps protect you from the sun's harmful rays. It sets matte, it's not greasy at all, which is why I love wear it everyday as I believe it also helps controlling my oil production.

6. Eye Cream

This is not really a part of the set but I like to use this THEFACESHOP Wrinkle Stop Eye Cream to moisturize my under eye area. I am in my mid-20s after all and skipping eye cream is not the best idea out there. I have a full review on this product (in different packaging) over here. Notice how this cream already has its own spatula. Yay!


Steps 1-4 are the same at night so I will go straight to Step 5, which is after applying bleaching cream.

5. Tretinoin

Instead of sun block, I apply a light layer of tretinoin/ retinol cream 0.3% on my face before going to sleep. It also helps in cell renewal. This causes micropeeling to help slough off dead skin, which in turn helps trapped oil and dirt from... well, staying trapped.

6. Ceramides Cream/ Moisturizer

Last but not the least, I use a moisturizer. It used to be the ceramides cream for me. It's an expensive moisturizer I bought from Advanced Aesthetics to keep the peeling at bay. But since it's super expensive and only lasted for two months, I switched to Nature Republic's Aloe Vera soothing gel to help lock my skin's moisture. After this, I go about using the same eye cream I use during the day.

7. Spot Treatment (Optional)

This step is not necessary but when I do get cystic acne, it gets super painful that I need the aid of this Clear Away Spot from THEFACESHOP to help heal them. I can only use it at night because it creates pink powder spots on areas where I applied this. I would totally look weird if I use it during the day.

As you can probably tell, I have a very long skin care routine that I religiously follow. If you don't like to put on a lot of things after a shower and before going to bed, then this is not the routine for you. I can only care so much about the time I spend with skin care if the routine doesn't work. But since this routine works for me, I don't mind. I've used this for ten months, incorporating some weekly routines and other skin care discoveries that I get to encounter.

I would love to talk about those weekly routines in this post but since it's already pretty long on its own, I'd probably just save that post for later so be sure to watch out for it. While waiting for that, let me know about your own skin care routine and give me an idea of what to try out next down in the comment section.
with love, Anna Luisa

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Innisfree Mineral Whipping BB Cream: Review

It's always more fun when your styling or makeup products dispenses in a foam/ mousse form. It could just be the kid in me but it was definitely one of the reasons why I bought this Innisfree Whipping BB Cream.

The cap is dirty, I know. I'm sorry but I didn't want to clean it up just for this photo since this is already an empty container. ;p 

At first, I was not sure if it would really foam up like other mouse products (hair mousse). I had to do some research. I mean, the online beauty community is so big that one of them must have tried this product already, right? Right? Well, that's what I thought too. So I looked and searched but only got limited write ups regarding this particular product. I got a little bit frustrated so I decided to just buy the product and just trust on the fact that this is a Korean product (always a plus for a K-Pop fan like me) and that Innisfree is a good established road shop brand with good skin care and makeup items. My initial plan was to purchase this, try it out then make a video review on my channel to add onto the limited number of posts regarding this product. I was so set on my goal that I didn't realize that I was using the product too much and that it got used up even before I was able to take a photo of the actual product, let alone film a video review for my channel. So here I am, very sorry, because now you only have my words to rely on. I don't have photos and videos to prove whatever I am trying to say. BUT! If you've been a follower/ subscriber of mine for quite some time, you'd know that I don't sugar coat my reviews. I say it as I view it. It doesn't matter if it's sponsored or not, I just write everything down honestly. So expect the rest of this post to be full of honest words straight from the heart (or brain, whichever you prefer).

So initially, I didn't really like the product. I mean, I liked the packaging and I like the fact that it actually foams up. But the thing is, it only dispenses white mousse that doesn't really provide any coverage nor color. It was like I wasn't putting anything on my face. Honestly, I thought I wasted PHP800 for something that can be described as 'more than disappointing'. Good thing my sister borrowed it from me, shook it vigorously, and dispensed the product. Imagine my surprise when beige colored foam came out from the nozzle! It turns out, I wasn't shaking the bottle vigorous enough. The color is a good light beige color with NO grey undertone. The coverage is light but it does brighten the face and evens out my skin tone. Concealer is definitely expected for blemishes and other discolorations, though. It feels very light on the skin and gets absorbed easily with a nice finish between matte and dewy. I don't get too oily with this particular product and the best part is it didn't break me out. If you have nice skin to begin with, I would highly recommend this product.

I particularly got this from gailygirl on ebay with my own money. This is not a sponsored post.
with love, Anna Luisa

Sunday, March 16, 2014

NYC In A Minute Quick Dry Nail Polish in 208 Pier 17: Review + Swatches

I don't know about you guys but I've always found blue nail polish to be really pretty. Especially when the shade is close to Saphirre Blue. It could be because I'm an E.L.F. (Ever Lasting Friends-- Super Junior's fanbase) and that saphirre blue is their official color but I feel so pretty whenver I'm wearing my nails blue. It not only looks so royal, it makes my hands look brighter and nicer too!

Right before 2013 ended, I bought some nail polishes off of e-bay to bring for my trip to Japan and I got this NYC nail polish. It's from jcam168. And just for the record, this is not sponsored. Here are some swatches:
 I even brought this at the salon so they could use this particular shade.
 DKFC2 nails.
I am so prepared to see Super Junior. :)

I personally have no complaints with the color but the shade could be more opaque. I mean, it looks opaque enough right now but that's only because I used three coats! For its price, however, I cannot complain. I didn't actually time the drying time for this one but I guess for layering three coats of nail polish, it did seem like it dried fast enough for me not to get bored. As for the staying power, I'd have to say it's so-so. You definitely need to put on some good top coat if you want this color to stay for long. It was already starting to chip on me on the second day. It's not as bad as some of my local nail polishes (Caronia, Bobbie) but I kind of expected more from it. But just the same, for its price, I really cannot complain. I mean, it IS my favorite nail polish of the moment so I guess that statement just sums up this post.

with love, Anna Luisa

Friday, March 14, 2014

Acne Battle: Introduction

Survey: Acne Battle

If you are one of those people blessed with porcelain, flawless skin, then I hate you. There. I said it. And that makes me feel good. Haha. Just kidding. I don't actually hate you. It's more like I envy you.

Ever since I reached my teenage years, pimples and blemishes have always been a problem for me. It was a lot milder back then. Just a daily dose of Eskinol after washing my face was enough to fight them all zits. But then it got a little bit out of hand so I had to get me an acne control facial wash and benzoyl peroxide. It did the trick up until I became allergic to the medication (benzoyl). Don't ask me how, I just developed and noticed that the spots where I placed the aforementioned medication turned red and itchy every after application.

Nonetheless, ever since it started, it has always been a tiring journey of skin care trial and error for me. I've tried a lot of things related to acne control. Salicylic acid? Used it. Azelaic acid? Experienced. AHA lotions? Prescribed. Witch hazel toner? Tried. Tretinoin? Still using it. I've also been exposed to different procedures like facials with a dermatologist/ facial spa, chemical peels, diamond peels and even Easy Peel (Flawless). I've experienced good results with most of them but my point is, for people like me who have acne problems, dedication is much needed. It doesn't matter how much money you spend on skin care and procedures to make yourself pretty. What matters is your dedication to stick to these regimens to actually make them work.

So I guess you're already confused and wondering what this post is all about. Well, I just want an introductory post on my skin care journey. I basically want to ask for your opinion if you want me to share all the things I've learned from my years of struggle to fight acne. From my teenage years up until now on my mid-20s... What products I used for spot treatments or face wash, what treatments I've undergone and different places I've sought help from. I know that what may work for me may not work for you but I want to give you guys an idea. My skin is still not perfect but it sure has improved a lot along the way. Just tell me down below if you're interested or not. I'm hoping for a good response! What do you want my next post to be about?
with love, Anna Luisa

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Silk Secrets One Minute Hot Oil Treatment: Review

I am not an expert in hair care. Sure, I used to have long hair and people used to say how well and healthy my hair looks like but that doesn't make me an expert on this field. I know, however, that even though I already had my hair cut a little bit below shoulder length, people still ask me about how I take care of my hair. Well, my know-hows are not really rocket science. In fact, it's so simple, I'm not even sure if I should still write it down. Regardless, since I already mentioned it, I might as well cover it a little bit on this post.

For one, I condition my hair everyday. After every shampoo, I make it a point that I use my trusy hair conditioner (Cream Silk). Why? I actually made a post back when I was still starting this blog on reasons why hair conditioning is important so you may wanna check it out over here. There are times, however, when I don't condition my hair. On these days, I go for hair treatment. I do it twice a week, usually during Tuesdays and Saturdays. I think it helps a lot in maintaining healthy hair especially since I colored my hair quite a few times over the past year/s.

The particular brand that I use is the Silk Secrets One Minute Hot Oil Treatment. Right now, I'm using the Milk variant/scent. It is a good product in controlling frizz and makes the hair super soft, smooth and manageable. But just like any other product with many variants, there would still be that one variant/scent that you will take a liking more than the others. For this particular brand, it would be the Peppermint scent for me.

I used it during summer season last year so it left a lasting impression since the scent is perfect when you just want to cool down from the summer heat. It does the same thing as the Milk variant. It also results to soft, smooth and manageable hair but the thing that makes it different is that it doesn't only smell minty, it also feels minty! The reason why I'm making the post now is because I've noticed that summer is fast approaching and this is actually a product that I would like for you to consider trying out for this season.

Just to clarify, though, this is not a sponsored post. I bought it with my own money at Watsons. It's also very affordable and I see no reason why you should make a pass on trying it out. Once you do, don't forget to let me know about your thoughts on the product.
with love, Anna Luisa