Tuesday, March 4, 2014

The Ylang Gallery Vitamin C Serum: Review

I'm going to be reviewing a not so popular product from Korea this time around. It's a serum from a Korean brand called The Ylang Gallery. Truth be told, I have no idea regarding the said brand. I just got ahold of the product because a skin care set was being sold at a small Korean shop along Makati Avenue (forgot the actual shop name) so I bought it.

comes in an ampoule type glass packaging

I've always wanted to try serums before and this would be the first time for me to try such a product. What are serums anyway, you ask? Well, I'm not really an expert in this field but as I understand it (correct me if I'm wrong), it's a product that you apply on your face for deep treatment. It is applied after cleansing and toning is done. It is supposed to go deeper into your skin, applied right before your favorite moisturizer.

There were different varieties from COQ10 (Coenzyme Q10) to Vitamin C ampoules. I got the Vitamin C variant because I know Vitamin C is a good whitening agent. I had a lot of scarring back then and I thought that this would help lighten them.

I had few hesitations prior to its use. For one, I am not familiar with the brand and was scared that this would trigger something 'bad' in me and cause breakouts. Also, since this is a deep treatment, I was scared that it would be sticky and uncomfortable on the face. Contrary to my fears, however, I had quite a good experience with this product. I have oily sensitive skin and this particular product did not make my skin oilier nor break me out. It felt light on the skin, wasn't sticky at all and got absorbed by my skin as quick as a snap. Also, it smelled super nice! I wouldn't say it has a citrus-y scent (like what you would expect from a Vitamin C enriched product) but more on the powdery scent that I (and my sister) absolutely love. 

It made my skin look and feel softer. In general, I feel that my skin looked better but I can't say for certain that it lightened my previous acne hyperpigmentations. Despite that, I'm still very satisfied because my skin looked much healthier afterwards.
We already used this up but if I do pass by the same shop again, I wouldn't mind buying the same product. Oh, and this was cheap too! I forgot how much it costs but it's definitely below PHP500! Good deal, huh?
with love, Anna Luisa


Shayne ♥ said...

not bad for its price :) i thought this was going to be around 800ish :) im planning to buy a serum too for the first time soon. the serum hype is really getting into my system lol :D

Anna Luisa said...

@Shayne: you should totally get one soon! it really does make a difference. :)

Janet said...

im not that familiar with the brand but glad that it works well on your skin ;)

Anna Luisa said...

@Janet: It was my first time hearing of the brand too!