Thursday, March 20, 2014

Updated Skin Care Routine: Acne Control (March 2014)

Before I start throwing back memories on my acne battle since first year in high school, I think you guys should have an idea of the items that I'm actually using as of the moment.

I'm not sure if it will come as a surprise to you but I have dermatologist prescribed items with me as of the moment. Have you ever heard of Advanced Aesthetics? How about Dr. Javellana? Well, if you do then that makes everything easier for me. If not, well, that's too bad cause I won't be talking about her on this post. You can, however, go here for some details you might be interested in. But basically, I use her skin care stuff. I'm not actually a patient. I just got my friend to tell me where she gets her skin care stuff and I went and bought it without consultation with Dr. Javellana herself. I know it's risky. But the staff are also quite knowledgeable about their products and they would be able to help you in choosing which products and what concentration you need for yourself. I just followed their advice and I figured I can just come in for a formal consultation if the problem still persists after using the skin care set.

So the skin care set comes with a soap, erythromycin solution, growth factor serum, bleaching cream, sunblock, tretinoin and ceramides cream. I used to use all of them but the clinic is a little bit far and it takes some effort to go there and purchase the products so I mixed her stuff with some of my skin care 'discoveries'. It is not recommended to use this set along with other products, at least that's what the assistant said. But then again, she can't stop me from doing so. That's why I will tell you more about my daily routine.


1. Soap

 I'm using this Clinique soap as of the moment because it was gifted by my aunt from the US.
My trusty face soap that I will get back on using once the Clinique soap is all out-- Be Organic Aloe Jojoba Natural Handmade Soap

In the set, there was this soap called Pink Soap. That's what you're supposed to use for your face. I used to wash my face with it but I used it all up and decided not to bother going to the clinic just for one piece of soap. Right now, I'm using Clinique's bar soap. I'm not entirely sure of the name but it was just sent from my aunt in the US and as soon as I finish it up, I will get back to my Be Organic Aloe Jojoba Natural Handmade Soap, which I buy from Sesou in Glorietta 2.

2. Erythromycin Solution

 I got this solution from Dermcare

I started using erythromycin even before Dr. Javella. Flawless also uses erythromycin as topical antibacterial. I believe this is an essential part of the set that kills the pimple forming bacteria off your face. This is the first one that runs out in the set. And like the soap, I really don't want to go back every 3 weeks just for this so I just go to this nearby facial spa called Dermcare and buy their erythromycin solution. The place is more convenient, I can just walk to get there. And the best part? Their solution is much cheaper! :)

3. Growth Factor Serum (Vitamin A Solution)

Out of all the items in the set, this is the one that lasts the longest. One small bottle can last for about 6 months or so. You only need about 3 drops every application. It is also multifunctional. It helps tighten pores, remove dead skin cells and helps in drying up existing zits. I love this to death. I can probably live without the other items from the set but not this one.

4. Bleaching Cream

I'm sorry that it looks kinda messy but I'm almost out of this and I don't have a new one to take a photo of.

Just as you would expect, bleaching cream is used for whitening. Not exactly to lift your shade lighter but I guess to make your skin brighter and glowy. Of course, it also helps in lightening pimple marks, which I believe is its main purpose.

5. Sun Block

You can't leave the house without sunblock while using whitening products. This SPF 60 cream helps protect you from the sun's harmful rays. It sets matte, it's not greasy at all, which is why I love wear it everyday as I believe it also helps controlling my oil production.

6. Eye Cream

This is not really a part of the set but I like to use this THEFACESHOP Wrinkle Stop Eye Cream to moisturize my under eye area. I am in my mid-20s after all and skipping eye cream is not the best idea out there. I have a full review on this product (in different packaging) over here. Notice how this cream already has its own spatula. Yay!


Steps 1-4 are the same at night so I will go straight to Step 5, which is after applying bleaching cream.

5. Tretinoin

Instead of sun block, I apply a light layer of tretinoin/ retinol cream 0.3% on my face before going to sleep. It also helps in cell renewal. This causes micropeeling to help slough off dead skin, which in turn helps trapped oil and dirt from... well, staying trapped.

6. Ceramides Cream/ Moisturizer

Last but not the least, I use a moisturizer. It used to be the ceramides cream for me. It's an expensive moisturizer I bought from Advanced Aesthetics to keep the peeling at bay. But since it's super expensive and only lasted for two months, I switched to Nature Republic's Aloe Vera soothing gel to help lock my skin's moisture. After this, I go about using the same eye cream I use during the day.

7. Spot Treatment (Optional)

This step is not necessary but when I do get cystic acne, it gets super painful that I need the aid of this Clear Away Spot from THEFACESHOP to help heal them. I can only use it at night because it creates pink powder spots on areas where I applied this. I would totally look weird if I use it during the day.

As you can probably tell, I have a very long skin care routine that I religiously follow. If you don't like to put on a lot of things after a shower and before going to bed, then this is not the routine for you. I can only care so much about the time I spend with skin care if the routine doesn't work. But since this routine works for me, I don't mind. I've used this for ten months, incorporating some weekly routines and other skin care discoveries that I get to encounter.

I would love to talk about those weekly routines in this post but since it's already pretty long on its own, I'd probably just save that post for later so be sure to watch out for it. While waiting for that, let me know about your own skin care routine and give me an idea of what to try out next down in the comment section.
with love, Anna Luisa

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