Saturday, May 17, 2014

Nature Republic Given By Nature Orange Mask Sheet: Review

Using face mask/ face pack as part of your regular (weekly/daily) routine will help your skin condition to improve/ maintain its health. Personally, I agree with that statement. Although not a part of my daily routine, I see to it that I use it at least once every two weeks (if I'm super busy) or weekly (whenever my schedule is more forgiving). I actually want to use it more frequently but sometimes I just get sleepy too early that I don't get to.

For almost two years, my favorite face mask has been the Etude House Pearl Extract Sheet Mask. Just a little bit better than the other face masks I've tried and described here, my love for that particular product lasted longer than expected. That was all until I came across this face mask from Nature Republic. I bought this from their boutique in Festival Mall. Yay!

I first tried it about a month ago. I chose the orange variant because I knew that citrus variants tend to be brightening and true to its description, it does a good job in brightening the skin tone!

I actually didn't expect much from this particular product because it didn't look anything fancy. Truth be told, I just bought this mask because I wanted to buy something from the brand that EXO (I know all about the galactic distress that has been happening lately. I hope EXO, SM and Kris gets through this and gets the best result suited for every one.) and SNSD's Taeyeon endorses. (Check out my mini haul here!) It looked just like any other face mask and was priced at par with other brands, below PHP100.

After leaving it onto my skin, I noticed immediate brightening effect. I'm not sure if it was psychological but I've tried countless brightening face masks before and it was the first time I actually felt my skin brighten noticeably. I was really pleased with the result as I almost always struggle with dull skin tone. Also, the usual moisturizing and softening effects did not disappoint me.

Now the best part of my story is the fact that I've been in love with this face mask ever since then that I decided to use it today, the day before the 2NE1 AON Manila Concert! Yes, I will be attending. And yes, if you're able to read this then that means today is the concert day, as I am writing this post last night (if you get what I mean). Do you want me to create a post for it?

The particular sheet mask I'm using is the gift that Kristine of RealAsianBeauty gave me as gift when I joined her Meet and Greet last March. She gave me my favorite mask! And no, I didn't tell her that. It was just a lucky coincidence on my part. Oh, and she gave me other Nature Republic stuff as well and I'm not even sure why I haven't posted about it yet.

Anyway, I have to hit the sack so I will just see you guys soon! (Maybe in the concert scene? Don't forget to say hi!)

with love, Anna Luisa

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