Monday, May 5, 2014

Neon Nails (Neon Yellow and Neon Pink)!

Sometimes, wearing bright and colorful clothing doesn't suffice our desire to express summer season. We wear loud accessories and matching shoes to makeup for the lacking 'playfulness' that summer must be able to offer. And sometimes, despite all that effort, it still doesn't feel enough. In times like these, I suggest you do what I do, which is basically paint nails with a bright color.

It rarely happens to me but when it does, I go all out! Instead of just bright perky colors, I go for attention-seeking neon shades! Today, I will be sharing two of my favorite summer nail colors. What's great about them are they're both from local brands so I'm sure my Filipino followers would be able to easily get a hold of it, if in case they also decide to get one. It's also pretty cheap so you don't have to worry about burning a hole in your pockets.

 Chic Nail Color
 Shade: Neon Yellow
 PHP 31.75. Very affordable. Bought this at Robinson's Supermarket. :)

 I had to apply three coats of this. Otherwise, the color wouldn't show up well.

I normally don't wear yellow nails but I make an exception during the summer season. It's the first time I've worn an outright neon shade. What do you think?

 I'm sorry if my nails aren't properly manicured. I don't know how to do my own nails. I tried to remove my cuticles on my own but I didn't do so well.
 More swatches

 Sassy Colors Nail Polish.
 Shade: Neon Pink
Price have been rubbed off but I'm pretty sure it's under PHP30. I got this one from Watson's.

So how do you feel about both the shades? Again, I'm sorry if my nails aren't as nicely done as before because I tried to give myself a manicure and I'm not really that good in removing my cuticles. I will, however, seek professional help next week, before the 2NE1 All or Nothing Manila concert on May 17.
with love, Anna Luisa


Janet said...

Ang ganda kaya ng nails mu ;) mine are crooked nga eh kaya idunt paint polishes at all :( the colors are so pretty very summery :)

Shayne ♥ said...

the neon yellow polish is also nice for a daisy theme nail art, bagay din for summer :)

Anna Luisa said...

@Janet: Haha. Talaga? Baka naka-fake yung photos ko. :p Anyway, thank you so much!

@Shayne: Nice idea! I should try a daisy nail art soon. :)