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CELLBN Organic Skin Care Set (WishTrend): Introduction

Hi guys! I'm here for one of my most awaited posts. My introduction of the CELLBN Skin Care Set! Yay!

WARNING: Photo heavy.

Remember my Wishtrend unboxing video? Last month, I won an organic skin care set from the brand called CELLBN. I've never tried any of their products before but before I go into that, let's talk about organic skin care first. What exactly is organic skin care? Recently, there has been an ongoing trend for all things natural. We want our makeup and curls to seem natural and a lot of people are practicing eating healthy food. The same trend took over the skin care industry and a lot of brands has started to come up with organic skin care products.

The collaboration of natural organic ingredients and functional cosmetics-- CELLBN

I'm pretty sure you want to know what organic skin care is and the easiest way to explain what it is is that it is basically skin care that has no harmful chemicals infused in its ingredients. It usually contains naturally derived ingredients, ingredients that you actually have an idea of once you read it on the list. Usually, products like these boasts that their products do not contain paraben, aritifical mineral oils, alcohol, etc. To know more about what organic skin care is, you can check out a video previously posted by WishtrendTV that also talks about the same topic.

Now let's talk about CELLBN, the brand we will be focusing on this post. It is a Korean brand that specializes in... Well, you guessed it right- Organic Skin Care! What makes them different from other names out there is they have the patent for a technology that allows organic products to have longer shelf life (around 1.5 years from manufacture date and 6 months upon opening), which used to be one, if not the only problem for organic products. They have developed the use of natural preservatives in skin care products. Now, since they have the know-how in keeping the products viable for a longer period of time compared to others, their products are at an advantage since this would reduce the possibility of you having to throw out products sooner than later (because of expiration). CELLBN is also known for their "15-Day Miracle". To know more about this, please visit this CELLBN brand introduction in WishTrend's website.

Moving on, I won Wishtrend's giveaway which allowed me to try out this precious skin care set. I got the toner, serum and moisture cream. I use it after I wash my face with my Organic Aloe Jojoba soap.

 Time to practice Hangul! Don't fret. I also have captures of its english descriptions.

After washing my face, I use the CELLBN Damage Multiaction Toner. It has whitening and anti-wrinkle functions. 86% of its total ingredients are from organic farming. The list of ingredients will be shown in one of the photos below.

It is a new conceptual emulsion type of high functional 2 in 1 toner which keeps the skin texture moist and soft as natural organic ingredients are absorbed softly into the skin and give moisture, softness and vitality to the skin.-- CELLBN Box Literature


 Classy packaging! I love!

 It has a pump! Yay! 

After the skin has fully absorbed the toner, I then apply the CELLBN Damage Precious Serum as a penetrating everyday treatment deep into the skin. Just like the toner, it has whitening and anti-wrinkle properties. 87% of its total ingredients are derived from organic farming. Again, ingredients are shown in one of the photos below.

It is a high functional serum which keeps the skin clear and transparent and gives elasticity and gloss to the skin as organic oils such as organic Aloe Vera, organic Jojoba oil, organic Calendula oil, etc. are absorbed deep into the skin and keep balance between oil and water.-- CELLBN Box Literature


The last step after the serum has been fully absorbed into the skin would be the application of the CELLBN Damage Deep Moisture Cream. 83% of its total ingredients are derived from organic farming. Again, it also has whitening and anti-wrinkle properties. The list of ingredients are found below.

It is a high functional moisture cream which makes the uneven skin tone and gives elasticity and gloss to the skin as extracts from natural organic materials are natural organic oils such as Cuterpe Oleracea Fruit Oil, Juniperus Communis Fruit Water, organic Theobroma Grandifloum Seed Butter, Salvia Officinalis Water, etc. provide moisture intensively to the dry skin.-- CELLBN Box Literature


As much as I would love to include my first impression in this same post, I don't want the post to be dragged longer so I will just keep this as an introduction of the set. Watch out for my upcoming post on my first impressions of this set.

If you are interested in any of the products mentioned, be sure to visit WishTrend's website as it is where all of these may be purchased.
with love, Anna Luisa

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