Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Clean and Clear Essentials Moisturizer: Review

I wish to find the best moisturizer for my skin type. I have oily acne prone skin so when I look for moisturizers, I want one that's oil free. I was walking around Watson's one day and saw Clean & Clear Essentials Moisturizer. It claims to moisturize without greasiness for oily blackhead-prone and pimple prone skin (which is exactly my type of skin). Naturally, I had the urge to buy the product.

- locally available
- inexpensive
- oil free
- no greasy feeling when applied
- nice scent

- broke me out

Sadly, this is not the moisturizer for me. It instantly broke me out after a day of usage and I can definitely say my Celeteque moisturizer works better. I was thinking maybe I just didn't use it long enough and that my skin is still adjusting to the product. I used it for a total of 2 weeks and eventually gave in. The pimples just didn't go away. It even worsened as days go by. It probably didn't help that my hormones were acting up since it's that time of the month so I just had to stop using it. In conclusion, I think the product is NOT worth it and I definitely won't be buying again. I do have future plans of re-using the product once I'm pretty sure hormones are not in the way, though. So until then, this is what I have to say about the product.

with love, Anna Luisa

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Latest Drugstore Haul: SM Makati Watson's

Have you ever had the urge to shop for one thing and you end up getting a lot of things except for the thing you originally wanted to buy? I did. I wanted to buy a facial scrub for my weekly exfoliation mainly because I'm almost out of it. So after work, I went straight to Watson's and looked for a nice facial scrub to try. Here's some of the stuff I ended up getting instead:

  • Pure Beauty Soothing BB Cream
  • Pond's White Beauty Day Cream (this was actually given by a workmate)
  • Purederm Dual Well Being Pack
  • Belo Essentials Pore Minimizing Whitening Face Wash
  • Olay Natural White All-in-one Fairness Day Cream
I was really excited until I got home and I realized I didn't get to buy a scrub for myself! Haha! Anyway, I'm still really happy with the things I bought and I'll probably do a review on some of them in the future. Oh, and I wanna know which facial scrub, in your opinion, is the best cause I still haven't bought one until now. :p

with love, Anna Luisa

Monday, February 13, 2012

Kitagawa Keiko Valentine Make-up: Tutorial


with love, Anna Luisa

Shawill Eyeshadow in Shade 08: Review

A couple of months ago, I (technically it was my mom, not me) bought a single shadow that I can use for work. I didn't want to bring a lot whenever I go to work so I opted to find a single compact eyeshadow and came across Shawill's stand one day. I was actually with my mom that day and was kidding around. I joked about how she should buy me something from the brand so I can try it out. I was aware that she knew I was just kidding around but she said yes. I immediately swatched a lot of shadows and ended up getting one from the PHP128.00 line (mono shadows with mirror) and got the shade 08.

the shade is lovely, don't you agree?

it comes with a mirror beneath the shadow itself

the applicator actually works good. the tip is made of sponge which I like.

it broke on my first use! :( you can just imagine how sad I was that day.

the remedy. placed it in a small jar-like container. will just store and use it like pigments.

- Nice color (The line even has good colors to choose from.)
- Doesn't easily crease (alhough it still does) even without primer
- Good color pay-off
- Easy to blend
- Locally available
- Cheap (PHP 128.00)
- Good applicator
- Compact (good for travelling)

- Packaging (I do appreciate the mirror but I just feel that it's too small to begin with so I don't think I will ever get to use it.)
- Easily breaks (Broke mine on my first usage T_T

with love, Anna Luisa

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Etude House Happy Tea Time Cleansing Cream in Milk Tea: Review

Hi guys! Sorry for the long wait. I know some of you have requested for me to do a review on my Etude House Happy Tea Time Cleansing Cream in Milk Tea. I finally have the time to do one so here it is!

Here's what Etude House has to say about the product: Cleansing cream's creamy texture contains Milk protein to remove dirt and makeup while keeping skin moisturized with the pleasant fragrance of tea.

And here's their directions on how to use it: Apply cream to all areas of the face. Massage thoroughly and wipe clean with cleansing tissues or rinse with warm water to remove excess.

Personally, I apply the cream all over my face and rinse it off with water. After which, I wash my face with my Happy Tea Time Cleansing Foam in Lemon Tea.

- nice powdery smell
- cheap (PHP 198)
- locally available (bought mine in SM Makati Watsons)
- removes practically all kinds of makeup on your face, even the waterproof ones
- doesn't sting
- no allergic reactions
- skin feels soft after each use

- cannot remove tints (or as I've experience, my Tony Moly Lip and Cheek Tint in Cherry Pink)
- tub container doesn't seem too hygienic, you'd have to buy a spatula
Now here's a video I previously filmed and I've included a short demo of me using this product. Enjoy! :)

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Baviphat Apple AC Therapy Sleeping Pack: Review

Okay, so a follower in twitter asked me to update my blog and because I promised her I would, here's another post from me. I will try to update my blog as much as I can. The same goes for my youtube channel. I'm not sure as to how often I would be able to update but yeah, I'd do it as much and as soon as I can. Thank you to all my followers and subscribers who keeps on reading, watching and commenting on my posts/videos. :)

So today's review is about Baviphat Apple AC Therapy Sleeping Pack. Just from the name itself, you'd probably guess how this product is used. Yes, it is a face mask and yes, you sleep on it. Basically, you just have to clean your face, apply the mask and leave it on as you sleep overnight prior to rinsing it off. I wasn't able to use the product for long. I just had the chance to try it out with the 2 sample sachets I bought over at e-bay (BIGTOKYO). So here are my thoughts after finishing the samples.

- scent (apple scent is love)
- consistency (easy to spread, not thick)
- prevents future breakouts
- leaves skin feeling soft
- easy to rinse off
- has samples so you can first try it out prior to buying its full sized version

- not available locally

Would I repurchase? Probably if it's available locally. As of now, I don't have plans of purchasing its full size (and no plans to repurchase samples).

with love, Anna Luisa