Monday, February 13, 2012

Shawill Eyeshadow in Shade 08: Review

A couple of months ago, I (technically it was my mom, not me) bought a single shadow that I can use for work. I didn't want to bring a lot whenever I go to work so I opted to find a single compact eyeshadow and came across Shawill's stand one day. I was actually with my mom that day and was kidding around. I joked about how she should buy me something from the brand so I can try it out. I was aware that she knew I was just kidding around but she said yes. I immediately swatched a lot of shadows and ended up getting one from the PHP128.00 line (mono shadows with mirror) and got the shade 08.

the shade is lovely, don't you agree?

it comes with a mirror beneath the shadow itself

the applicator actually works good. the tip is made of sponge which I like.

it broke on my first use! :( you can just imagine how sad I was that day.

the remedy. placed it in a small jar-like container. will just store and use it like pigments.

- Nice color (The line even has good colors to choose from.)
- Doesn't easily crease (alhough it still does) even without primer
- Good color pay-off
- Easy to blend
- Locally available
- Cheap (PHP 128.00)
- Good applicator
- Compact (good for travelling)

- Packaging (I do appreciate the mirror but I just feel that it's too small to begin with so I don't think I will ever get to use it.)
- Easily breaks (Broke mine on my first usage T_T

with love, Anna Luisa


Helen said...

The color is lovely, you can make smoky eyes even with just that single shade! Too bad it cracked right away. :(

Anna Luisa said...

Yeah, I agree. I was so sad when it broke. Good thing I already took a photo before the disaster happened.

Anonymous said...

I'm in Thailaand now and I would like to buy Shawill Eyeshadow number 04. How do I do, please kindly suggest.
Thank you very much

Anonymous said...

actually they do easily break. I always see that complain from their single shadows.specially that line. I do love the cream ones though:) check out my review here: