Thursday, December 12, 2013

Overview: BDJ Power Planner 2014

We're still halfway through December but it's never too early to plan your 2014 out. I have always been a 'go with the flow' kind of person and I've never been so good with planning. I had goals in mind but I never wrote them down. Some, I just think of for a few days and eventually forget. And now that the last month of the year has creeped on us (so soon), I realized that I'm not really sure what I did with my life for the past year. Okay, so I know I was working and struggling with health issues for the most part of the year but what else? What significant goals did I actually accomplish? Small thoughts like these make you wish you were a bit more organized and had a record or something to look back into.

If you're also having thoughts like these, here's a little something that you guys might want to consider: BELLE DE JOUR POWER PLANNER 2014!!!

My first BDJ planner. Lovely cover. ^^

This particular Belle De Jour's #BDJMAKEITHAPPEN Your Life's Masterpiece Power Planner is a 5.7x7.9 inches, matte-laminated hard cover, 200 full-color pages planner complete with expandable back pocket and over PHP 40,000 worth of coupons priced at PHP 598.

This particular planner has time management principle based layout to help you get things done.

It helps you:
- Challenge yourself to MAKE A DIFFERENCE with the Advocacy Tracker.
- FOCUS ON WHAT'S IMPORTANT with Goals, Dreamboard, Checklists and more.
- TAKE GOOD CARE OF YOURSELF with the health checklist, immunization and menstrual tracker pages.
- MANAGE YOUR INCOME/ EXPENSES with the bills and Cash Flow Tracker pages.

Know more about the planner over here.

I don't know about you guys but I am really excited to start my 2014 venture with the BDJ Power Planner!

Viviamo Inc. sent me this BDJ Power Planner as a Christmas gift. (Thank you so much!) Although I did not buy this with my own money, everything I wrote in this post are my honest opinions.

And before I go to sleep, I would like to share some of my thoughts about my life (in general, not just as a beauty and fashion enthusiast). Viviamo Inc. asked me something to jumpstart my 2014. They asked me how I would make my life a masterpiece. Here's what I said: "I would make my life a masterpiece by actually taking chances. Gone are the days when I just went along with what everyone else has to offer. I will try to make a move on my own and try to reach for my dreams one by one. I haven't been the best at decision making but hopefully, I'd be able to plan out my career life better than before." Yes, I would like to focus on my career life for next year. How about you?

with love, Anna Luisa

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Tony Moly Egg Pore Tightening Pack: Review

Hi guys! If you're a subscriber from youtube, you'd know that I promised to post a more in depth review of the Colour Collection Whitening BB Cream and Missha Signature Wrinkle Filler BB Cream but I'd like to squeeze this review first. It's all about a skin care product from Tony Moly.

Now before I go into that, I would just like to express my utter excitement/happiness about the recent change in Tony Moly's endorsers. I have nothing against JYJ and Min Hyo Rin BUT I am a HHUUUGGGEEE Super Junior fan! After finding out that SJ-M will be replacing JYJ, I dropped by the Tony Moly counter in SM Makati whenever I could and checked if they already changed their display to SJ's. Many times, I was disappointed. But a few weeks ago, when I visited the place, I was happy to see that it has indeed changed! And what's even better is that they had Donghae's photo as promotion! He's my bias. And yes, Victoria (Yes, she's pretty.) was also there but I won't be going into that.

So yeah, in memory of me finally seeing SJ's promotional pictures here in the Philippines, I bought the Tony Moly Changing U Magic Mask Sheet Box. It contains 7 different face masks to choose from. (A post will be up for this sometime in the future.) But then again, I won't be going deep into that product as I haven't even tried one mask from that collection. What I will be talking about, however, is the Tony Moly Egg Pore Tightening Pack.

The Tonymoly Egg Pore Tightening Pack is a clay mask that is enriched with egg white and Camellias extracts to help tighten your pores and give your skin a deep-down cleansing experience. It also contains keratin that is an effective skin whitening agent.

If this isn't considered cute then I don't know what is. It's an 'egg' pore pack hence its shape! The designer is so clever, he even thought of having the inner lid colored as yellow to make it look like the yolk. Amazing, right? I wasn't able to properly take a photo of the yellow lid I was talking about and I'm too lazy to take one now so let me direct you to another post regarding this very product with a clear photo of the yellow lid I was talking about here.

It's a clay pack so it's a little bit sticky. That's to be expected. Once applied, I can really feel my skin tighten up.

To me, it smells quite nice. I can't describe it but whenever I smell it, it reminds me of pie (although I'm pretty sure egg pies don't smell like this.) All in all, I have nothing against the scent.

The truth is, I always tell myself to use this particular product twice a week but since I'm not as diligent as I think I am, I don't. I've tried it a couple of times ever since opening it last September. I'm not sure if constant use will actually make your pores tighter but it does feel that way once applied (as mentioned above). One thing is for sure though, immediately after rinsing, my skin feels so smooth and soft.

I love using this face pack whenever I feel like I want my skin to have something to be thankful for. Now would I recommend it? Sure, this is good for those who are fond of the wash off type of face packs for weekly facial treatment.

Wanna try this product too? Or have you already tried this one? Let me know and leave a comment down below. As for me, I have to go now since I still have to rinse this product off my face as I am currently using it as I type this review.
with love, Anna Luisa