Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Baby Oil as Make-up Remover

I'm pretty sure you guys know that one of the key things to achieve good looking skin is to keep it clean. After a day's work, one must NEVER forget to remove one's make-up. It doesn't matter how much make-up is on your face but I'm telling you. Remove it before going to sleep! Let your skin breathe! If you don't, then you better be prepared for breakouts and the sort.

I'm not actually the type of person who wears a lot of make-up every single day. When I'm at home, I actually don't put anything after cleansing, toning and moisturizing. When I go out though, I use pressed powders, blush, lippies and eyeliners. I only use foundation, concealers, mascaras and other cosmetics when I have a special event to attend to or if I'm trying out looks I've learned over youtube.

All that aside, I make sure that before going to sleep, I remove the make-up on my face. Regularly, I don't have much to worry because most of my everyday make-up can be removed with just my facial wash. There are times, though, that my eye make-up tends to be stubborn. For this, I use baby oil! Yes, you got that right! Baby oil! Just place a few on a cotton pad or a soft tissue and I easily swipe it over my eye make-up.

Specifically, I use Johnson's baby oil like in the picture above. I have both colors actually but I usually use the green one for no particular reason. Using baby oil is as good as using commercially sold make-up removers out there. Personally, I have tried Clinique's make-up remover and I don't see any difference, performance wise.

Okay, so maybe baby oil is cheaper and was not originally made for that. But trust me, it does the job just as well. You can try it too! I am aware that other people's skin does not really match well with commercially available make-up removers. Either they experience this stinging sensation or get their skin irritated. Baby oil is made especially for... well, babies! Therefore, its ingredients are gentle to match babies' skin. Anyway, I'm not forcing you to try this too. If you're not comfortable using baby oil, then you can just stick with your trusty make-up remover. :)

I was actually going around youtube earlier and I saw Michelle Phan's video about virgin olive oil as make-up remover and I saw featured videos of other people who use baby oil as their make-up remover too! This may not be the world's biggest secret but I just wanted to share this with the other people who doesn't know yet.

As for my experience, baby oil is effective in removing make-up. Just make sure to wash your face to remove oil remains after. :)

with love, Anna Luisa

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