Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Cream Blush: DIY

I was able to make cream blush out of:

1. Powder (Babyflo)
2. Eyeshadow (light and bright pink)
3. Liquid Make-up (Careline)
4. Sunblock lotion

Here's a little back story on how I got this idea. This is definitely not an original idea and I'm not claiming it to be. I was just inspired to do this after watching a couple of videos. I was going through youtube and I saw this one girl sharing how she made a powder blush with baby powder, pressed powder and eye shadow. I also saw another girl who made cream blush out of moisturizer, sunscreen, eye shadow and lipstick.

Now, using your eyeshadow/lipstick as blush has always been a normal thing. We do it all the time. I'm not saying everybody does it but I do know a few people who does it. This is not an innovation. It has always been a "trick" we've always been doing. You can still do that, of course, I just want to make a separate product to be placed on my cheeks. Also, I had nothing to do last Wednesday and so I just kind of 'experimented' and it kinda worked for me.

The DIY powder blush made by baicarrot was actually okay for me. I believe it would work and that you'd only need a few of those pigments and you'd have a blush you can use for weeks. I didn't do it because the container I had was my old blusher that got broken (picture below). Powder blush would make it so messy everytime I open it so I tried to find a consistensy that wouldn't be as messy as that.

I saw this DIY cream blush by lifeismakeup and I was thinking I could do that instead. The only problem is... I was hesitant to use moisturizer! Moisturizer seeps into the skin, as we all know. And mixing it with shadow pigments and all that would probably be not a good idea. (This is just my opinion, I'm sorry. I don't intend to be rude to lifeismakeup. She's great, btw.) I was just afraid that anything I mix with the moisturizer would make it easier for "it" (whatever other ingredient you're planning to mix with it) to seep into your skin. Since I'm planning to use eye shadow, I don't want those pigments to be mixed with moisturizer and clog my pores. In the end I ended up just using sunscreen. The liquid make-up was added just in the spur of the moment. I figured maybe it would help with oil control since my liquid make-up has that property and that maybe, it would help the color stay on your cheeks for longer.

Here's a pictutorial if you're interested to do the same as I did:

Now, I'm posting this to share the idea to all of you. It may not be the best out there but it works fine for me. Also, I would love to here about your insight. I'm not really an expert on all these. If you think there's something wrong with it or if you have any questions/feedbacks, please do comment below. Thank you! :)

with love, Anna Luisa


andrea said...

so how did it work for you? and what did it look like on your cheeks? can you post pictures? :D

Anna Luisa said...

hi andrea. :)
sure, i will be posting pictures.
why didn't i think of that? :)
thanks for the feedback... :)