Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Artmatic Moisturizing Lipstick (Nutmeg): Review

Hello everyone! I'm not sure if you've read about my first haul post that I called first beauty spree. Anyway, this lipstick was one of the items I got and I'm gonna be reviewing it now.

I say:
So I got this lipstick thinking that the shade would be a mix of coral and pink even though the shade was in nutmeg. The picture showed over at ebay gave me that feeling so yeah, I bought it. When it came I was shocked at how dark the color was. Anyway, I first swatched it on my hand just to see if it was really that dark. I was thinking of using this for everyday use and I was worried at how dark the color was. Thankfully, it was not. It was sheer. And I like sheer lipsticks for everyday! :)

 I just saw this picture over online. I forgot to take a picture of the lipstick I had so credits to the onewho uploaded this and thanks! :)

Anyway, I swatched it and I noticed that the color had coral undertone which is great because I kind of wanted something corally. Anyway, I used it without applying lip balm at first just to see how 'moisturizing' this lipstick was. It was so-so. Nothing notable. It did not dry my lips but it also doesn't give the same feeling with my Nichido Sheer Lipstick with Shea Butter. Anyway, here's how it looks like on the lips.

 Applied lipbalm before applying it
This one was topped off with TheFaceShop Fruit Jelly Tube in PP401. I actually like their combination. This photo does not do it justice. Personally, I think the lighting is bad.

Anyway, let me talk about what I don't like about the product. I don't like the packaging at all. The stick doesn't go all the way down so I have to go in 'slow mo' whenever I try to put the cap on in the fear of chipping the tip. Aside from that, nothing really. But let me be clear... I'm not really into the color but I guess that's just something you have to risk if you're going to buy online. Sometimes, because of different lightings, monitor settings, camera used, etc etc. The actual color may vary from the photo they were showing.

Anyway, because I was not a fan of the color, I played around with it and I realized that you can actually turn it int a nice nude/pale coral color. I'm sure you're familiar with how to create the nude pink lips and that's basically what I did except I used this color (Nutmeg). If you're not familiar with it, just comment below. I'll try to explain it.

Overall, the lipstick was okay but not something I would like to buy again.

- cheap
- color is not that dark (sheer)
- does not dry lips

- stick doesn't go all the way in (worry of chipping the tip when putting the cap back)

I bought it over at e-bay:

(I bought this product with my own money and I am not getting paid for this review. Note that these are just my opinions and I do not guarantee that what I say would hold true in everyone's case.)with love, Anna Luisa


MissKatv said...

never tried nutmeg products before. I'll check this out.

Suki din ako ni jnlink777 :D

followed u :D

Anna Luisa said...

hi kat!
yeah, me too.it was my first time to buy a lipstick in nutmeg. :)
thanks for following!
checked your blog and i followed you back. :)

Ailise said...

How long does the color stay?

Anna Luisa said...

It doesn't stay for long, unfortunately.
Just about 3 hours or so.