Friday, April 22, 2011

Close Up White Now Toothpaste: Review

"Closeup White Now is the result of Closeup’s research and advances in color science technology, which have been clinically proven and published in the Journal of Dentistry.

The technology behind Closeup White Now is called “Blue Foam” that creates an instant optical effect on teeth that will result into visibly whiter and brighter teeth after just one brushing." -

I say:
My family has been using this toothpaste for months now and frankly speaking, it wasn't a big deal for me. I have seen a lot of toothpastes that promises to whiten your teeth but I never got the results I wanted. I had braces as a kid and I guess that contributed to some stains or whatsoever that's left on my teeth.

Recently though, my mom pointed out how my sister's teeth has whitened and she wanted to see if it had the same effect on me. Luckily, she told me mine has whitened too! I didn't even notice! Haha! I guess I'm just that kind of person. I'm not too keen on details that I'm not on the look-out. Anyway, I stood up in front of the mirror to check and indeed, it has gotten whiter! I am so impressed with this toothpaste, seriously!

I also want to point out that Close Up White Now has a minty taste, which I like. You see, I am not a fan of fruity toothpaste smell/taste. I don't feel as clean as when I'm using toothpastes in mint.

Overall, this product is super WORTH IT. I encourage all of you to try it!

- Really whitens teeth
- Minty, instead of fruity
- Nice blue tube packaging
- Not expensive

- None! :)

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with love, Anna Luisa


Anonymous said...

where can i get this at?!

Anna Luisa said...

We get our groceries from Robinson's but I'm pretty sure they're widely distributed nationwide. :)

Anonymous said...

I so agree with your review on Closeup White! It really whitens teeth instantly! :)

Anonymous said...

Where can I get this in North America?