Saturday, June 23, 2012

Belo Essentials Skin Care Set: Review

I guess a part of being a beauty blogger is taking the risk. Because I want to review different products for my readers, I tend to buy not-so-good stuff (and I only find that out once I already tried the product) from time to time. Sad to say, Belo Essentials Skin Care Set became a part of my 'disappointment list'. Why? I'll be going through that later. Let me tell you the story why I bought the product in the first place.

While looking for a good alternative to my usual skin care routine, I saw mixed reviews about the Belo Essentials. There were really good reviews and others were the other way around. Naturally, I became curious. I thought that if this product really worked for me, then I'd be able to have a skin care set that costs less and is easily accessible. And so, I bought the whole set (smaller packaging). I bought the face wash, toner, day and night cream. I was also able to try their lotion but I don't think I have a snapshot of the product, sadly.

Here's a little run down of what I think of each of the product:


This face wash has a really good chamomile scent (yay!). It does not lather so don't expect foams to appear while using this. It's not that easy to rinse off (at least from my perspective) but it does not leave your skin dry afterwards. Now, I expected not to feel clean after rinsing it off (because that's what I usually feel when I use products that do not lather) but I found that this is not the case with Belo Essentials. I felt clean. Not squeeky clean but I don't feel as though there were leftover oils and dirt inside my pores. As a matter of fact, this would have been a great product, had it not broken me out. Yes, you read it right. It broke me out! But I did not throw the product away so fast. I thought maybe this is the kind product wherein you get breakouts first then eventually makes your skin looking flawless. But then I already finished one small container and my face did not improve. So in conclusion, I believe that if you have oily (non-acne prone) skin, this would be a great product for you. It's good in controlling oil but not acne.


It's weird that the back shot goes before the front shot. Oh well, not gonna fix it. xp

I don't have much to say about the product except for the fact that I like the scent. It's pretty much the same with the face wash. It did not help with breakouts but was so-so with oil control. I didn't see any significant changes with my skin after using this so I just eventually stopped using it.


I'd have to say I wasn't disappointed with these two. It's just that I wasn't impressed with them either. It was just so-so in terms of its consistency, scent and oil control. It did not break me out but it didn't help with existing ones as well. It took me quite a while to finish the whole thing but during that period of time, I didn't notice any pore tightening nor whitening effect.

I guess this just wasn't the product for me. But do remember that people have different skin types. In writing this review, I hope I could help some people decide if they'd want to get this skin care set but do keep in mind that my experience may vary from yours. What did not work for me, may work for you and vice-versa. I'm simply stating my own thoughts on the product.

with love, Anna Luisa