Thursday, May 15, 2014

Palty Foam Hair Dye in Marshmallow Ash: Review

Hi everyone! I'm not sure if you follow me on twitter but I recently tweeted that I colored my hair recently. Because I will be doing a giveaway along with that hair dye review (which I will be posting soon-- both in my youtube channel and here), I decided to post a written review of this previous hair dye I used. The thing is, I might give away a hair dye from this same brand that's why I'm creating a post even though it's been a year since I used this.

 The ever so pretty Tsubasa.
 Don't leave this hair dye any longer than 20 minutes.

 I think the warning at the bottom says not to leave it for more than 20 minutes for it will turn your hair black. But I'm no Japanese expert so I'm not really sure. I just read it from other blogs. If you happen to know what it really means, do let me know in the comments down below. Thank you!
 Unboxed. :)

And oh, I didn't use this particular hair dye this time around. I will be posting a separate post about that in the future.

I actually already did a video on this particular product but just to make things official and just so my blog followers don't miss out on this, I decided to make this.

Includes before and after shots. :)

I won't be talking about the brightness of this hair dye because the video above would show you how it actually turned out on my face. What I particularly liked about this hair dye, however, is how my hair feels like right after coloring. It made my hair super smooth and straight! I mean, I have naturally straight hair but this made it even straighter, just like when I blow dry my hair in place. It also looked a lot shinier. I didn't really expect this effect upon using this product that's why I was so surprised when it did my hair so much good.

Also, I won't forget how fun it was to 'create' the foam. Overall, I was really pleased with this hair dye and just like I mentioned earlier, I will be giving away one soon. Be on the watch out for that! ;)

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