Thursday, May 29, 2014

Real Asian Beauty: Feature

Two months ago, I got the chance to attend Real Asian Beauty (Kristine)'s Meet and Greet. She scheduled this meet up as part of her numerous birthday celebrations. If you don't know who she is, then you better check the link above. She is one of my all time favorite blogger/youtuber. I found out about her through her K-Pop inspired nail art tutorials in youtube. After going through her videos, I realized that I also stumbled upon her blog at least once before I came to subscribe to her channel. She doesn't only do K-Pop related stuff like nail arts and whatnots. She also does DIY stuff and fashion videos. Her channel and blog is so versatile, you are bound to learn a lot from her. Another thing that I like about her is her down to earth personality. Even with more than 80,000 (Almost at the 90,000 mark! Yay!) youtube subscribers, I never felt like she became too proud or anything of that sort. This made me like her even more. Now, I try my best to watch all her videos and read all her posts. I suggest you do the same thing!
 This is Kristine. Isn't she pretty?
This one is my favorite OOTD of hers. I know I only need to post a single photo to share how she looks like but because this is my blog and I am in control, I can easily squeeze in another photo. ;) Oh, and for more OOTDs from Real Asian Beauty, click on any of the photos. It will lead you to the right link. :)

In one of her blog posts/videos, she announced that she will be doing a meet and greet near the end of March and even though it was hard for me to get around the location of the meet up, I still made it and was even more pleased (of being a fan), seeing as she really is a nice person inside and out.

The meet and greet went by so fast, we even lost track of time. And even though it was just a short 2-hour (or was it 3?) get together, it was still really fun. She even gave us gifts!

I'm sure you've seen the face mask before (I already did a review on this and I love it!) but she also gave us two nail polishes and a lippie! Wow! It was supposed to be her birthday and she even gave us gifts! Isn't she the sweetest?! Thank you so much, Kristine! ^^

I'm excited to try the other products out, especially the nail polishes. I've been saving it up for an event but I don't think I will be able to help myself from using the items soon.
with love, Anna Luisa

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