Thursday, April 3, 2014

Face Masks and Face Packs

Face masks and face packs... What exactly are they? Generally speaking, as I like to think so, face masks or face packs are forms of deep skin treatment for your skin. There are a lot of types and variants to choose from with different functions. Honestly the list goes from moisturizing, brightening, pore care to soothing, revitalizing, hydration and so on. Whatever your skin type is, whatever your skin problem is, these masks seem to always have the variant best suited for it.

Now before anything else, I wanna talk about a trend that has been popular in South Korea which is their 'One Mask A Day' skin treatment. Meaning, they use one mask sheet per day to keep their skin at its best state. I got this idea from WishtrendTV, a youtube channel dedicated to spreading Korean beauty trends. If you want to know more about this trend, just click on the link here to redirect you to the very video where I got this information.

So yeah, even though I know about this trend, I can't actually do this everyday. I only use face masks and face packs twice a week, maximum. My weekly routine goes something like this:

Day 1. I usually use a face scrub to remove dead skin cells. I sometimes use a face scrub mixed with a diamond peel-like cream product from THEFACESHOP. 
Day 2. I use face pack to remove deep seated dirt on my skin. I specifically use the Tony Moly Egg Pore Tightening Pack.
Day 3. On this day, since my skin feels fresh and thoroughly clean from the treatments of Day 1 and 2, I opt for mask sheets to deeply moisturize my skin. I don't have a specific brand that I go for. I usually use Korean or Taiwanese brands and I also don't have a preferred variant. Depending on my skin condition at the time, I would choose whatever mask would best suit me.

The thing is, though I like to think that these face masks really do bring about different effects on the skin just as the variant description says, all the effects of different face masks I've tried seem to be pretty much the same. After using mask sheets, my skin usually feels moisturized, soft and smooth. Other than that, I don't see any significant difference on the quality of my skin. I made this post because I have a lot of mask sheets to try but I really don't see the need to write an individual review for each one of them because they mainly yield to similar results. I would probably just write a separate post if there is something different about the face mask that I used. Otherwise, I will just randomly insert a photo of the face mask that I've tried and link them back here. Just like what I'm gonna be doing now.

Tony Moly Snail Natural Pulp Essence Face Mask

This face mask is from Tony Moly. Snail-related products are known for their skin repair properties. Tried it back in February. It was as expected moisturizing and all the things mentioned above. It also did NOT break me out.

Do note, though, that even though there's nothing extraordinary about the masks that are going to be linked here, doesn't mean they're not good. There is a reason why I use them- I love how my skin feels afterwards! I'm just a lazy kid, that's why I'm not planning on writing a separate post of every mask I've tried.
with love, Anna Luisa

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