Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Colour Collection Ultimate Wear Lipstick (Headturner): Review

Colour Collection is a brand that I got to know through Sample Room. I had my first try of Colour Collection products when they sampled their Whitening BB Cream. At first, I didn't expect anything from it because I knew it was a local product and I never really found a local makeup base that I liked. My views changed once I had the chance to actually use it. Even though it is a local product, I feel that the quality is pretty good. That was when I developed this thought that Colour Collection is a promising local brand.

 The sample came with a free mini cleansing oil from Celeteque
 I've always liked their logo. I always carefully open their packaging because I don't want to accidentally rip the sticker and their logo.

I also got to try their Vitamin E Lipstick in Pinkish Nude (Sheer). Though I wasn't able to post a formal review (I forgot to take photos of the product.) of the said lipstick, I had a very nice experience while using the product. I used it as an everyday lip color and even though the color is natural and sheer, I got a lot of compliments while wearing that specific lip color. What's even better is that the lipstick was super moisturizing. However, it had a very lipstick-like taste and smell (I'm sure you know what I mean.) but the overall performance compensated for it. This was when I developed this trust with Colour Collection in general. It felt like a local brand that I can actually be confident in recommending other people with.

It did not stop there, though. Recently, I got myself the Colour Collection Ultimate Wear Lipstick in the shade Headturner. If you've been following my blog for a while now or if you're subscribed to my youtube channel, you might have already seen this particular product as I have included this in my Top 5 Summer/ Spring 2014 Lip Colors. Out of the five, this one is my favorite.

 I always feel like a Headturner when I'm wearing this.

I've been on the search for that perfect hot pink lip color. I've always thought that a bright bold lip is always perfect for when you want to go easy on eye makeup. And since summer is already here, I wanted a color that has pink tones instead of my usual red lip color (Milani Color Statelemt Lipstick in Ruby Valentine) that I loved to wear last November- January. So last January, I picked up a hot lipstick from another brand called Nichido (Do you want me to review this too?) and was pretty happy with it but I still wanted another hot pink lip color with more blue tones in it. It was particularly hard to find one in the local market so imagine my delight when I saw this being sampled in Sample Room. Good thing I had GCASH 'cashed in' in my account so I immediately ordered the product on the same day. In two days, I received the product. I was so excited!

I like that the packaging is black, it looks classy and the fact that it is a bit slimmer than the usual lipstick packaging also draws my attention to this product. I also like that it's small. It makes it easier to bring around when I go out.

 Swatch. :)
 Trying it out. :)

When I swatched the product, I was overjoyed. I finally found the perfect hot lipstick I was looking for! It has that nice bluish undertone. Now I have the two hot pink lip colors I've been looking for inside my makeup drawer and I can't be any happier.

What's even great about this product is that it lasts a long time. It stains the lips a bit so even though you eat and drink, you are still left with a little bit of color. The good news about this is that even though it works like stain, it doesn't feel like one as it does well in moisturizing. (Most stains I've previously used dry up my lips.)

 More lip swatches just because I feel like taking more than one shot.
I'm sorry for some dry patches on the sides of my nose. :p

I am extremely satisfied with this product, I even told my good friend Jade (Hi Jade!) to get one and she did! I would also love to recommend this product to you guys! I swear by it!
with love, Anna Luisa

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