Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Nichido Mineral Kohl Pencil in Onyx: Review

Hi guys! Here's another product review that I came to know about through Say Artillero. She mentioned this particular product a couple of times in her videos and I got really curious as to how good the product really is. When my sister asked me to buy her an eyeliner (a year ago), I bought this for her. I sometimes use this when she brings my own eyeliner to school. I haven't tried Nichido eyeliners before so I'm not really sure what to expect. There were actually testers on the Nichido counters but I was so short in time back then that I just grabbed this without trying it out. To make the story short, I just trusted whatever Say had to say about the product and bought the thing. Other people call it faith, I call it being a fan. Hahaha!

 PHP138 only. Bought this from Watsons.
 Water resistant.
 I especially like my eyeliners when they're freshly sharpened.  Some weird satisfaction, I guess. :)

So enough about how I got to know about the product and more on the product review. This particular item is a local Philippine product from Nichido and if you're living in the Philippines, you probably are familiar with the brand. But just in case you're not from here and you're planning to buy this particular product for your next trip to the Philippines, you can find Nichido counters in leading department stores and Watsons. I personally only see them in Watsons stores but I think they are also in big department stores nationwide. Don't fret, though, because Watsons is scattered all around the Philippines so I'm pretty sure you're bound to pass by one, especially if you're planning on going to the big malls out here like SM and Robinson's.

It costs about PHP138, which is pretty cheap for an eyeliner. It has a cap to protect the (actual) pencil from getting messed up in your makeup bag/storage. The pencil is just the right size, it has already lasted me more than a year, even though I've already used it a lot of times before.

 Lately, I've been failing my swatch photos. This swatch was poorly drawn. Please refer to my video below for better reference on its performance.
Tried smudging and it did, sadly.

I tried swatching it and the above photo is the only photo I have of it. It's not the best swatch, actually. It looks as though the line is bleeding and it looks too thick than the actual ones that I do when I line my eyes. But anyway, as you can see, with just one stroke, the line is pretty much black. I drew this with a light hand so you can definitely make it more intense with a heavier stroke. The liner itself is creamy that's why it glides on pretty smoothly upon application, which I like. This eyeliner is quite the perfect pencil liner for me, if only it didn't get smudged.

Yes, it is water resistant but it gets affected by my oily lids and tends to transfer from my lash line onto the middle of my eyelid. Also, it gets easily smudged especially when I accidentally rub my eyes unconsciously. I usually just use this for lining my waterline and tightlining. Other than that, I use it as a base for black eye shadow to create smokey looks.

If you guys are interested, I have a make-up tutorial wherein I used this specific liner as a base for my black eyeshadow to create a K-Pop smokey eye make-up. Enjoy!

I would also like to give a shoutout to my good friend Jade, who recently moved to UK. I also mentioned her in my other blog, Yoboseyo-Asia. This is just in case she missed my greeting on that one. Thank you so much for following my blog and my youtube channel. One thing I regret is not teaching you my know-hows in make-up. I just hope my posts here in my blog and my tutorials in youtube help you instead. I have officially included going to UK in my bucket list so wait for me!

with love, Anna Luisa

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