Tuesday, April 1, 2014

I'm the RealAsianBeauty x LightintheBox Giveaway Winner!!!

Hi guys! It's me, once again! I just wanted to share a very happy event that happened to my life recently. I've been active in the blogging and youtube world around early 2011, almost a year after I graduated from college. I've followed a lot of youtubers and bloggers and one thing exciting that happens from time to time is they host a giveaway, may it be sponsored or not. I've seen many giveaways and have joined countless of them and this is the only time where I actually won one! (I will be excluding that one time back in 2011 when I won an Asian cosmetics giveaway contest because it was more of a contest than a simple subscribe to my channel-random winner giveaway thing.) This time, it was hosted by RealAsianBeauty, in collaboration with Lightinthebox, and I won! Yay! Thank you!!!
The package was sent through DHL and arrived less than a week after they got my shipping address. Yay! 

So yeah, I didn't win the grand prize. I won one of the consolation prizes, which entitles me to pick one top from lightinthebox.com and they will be shipping it to me for free. What's even better is that lightinthebox saw my blog and decided to add a little something as a gift! I carefully chose a black blazer, which I actually have been meaning to get for quite some time now. It's a long blazer so it's perfect for me because I feel that it elongates my body and makes me look a little bit taller than I actually am. It also doesn't accentuate the bulge in my hypogastric area, since I'm not blessed with a flat stomach.
I wanted to post an OOTD kind of thing, wearing this blazer but the current weather is not allowing me to do so since it's already summer! (The heat!!!) I'm just going to be showing you some photos right down below, along with the beautiful bracelet set that they gave me as a surprise. Good thing the one I picked is a timeless piece that won't go out of fashion even if I decide to wear it (probably) in July.

 Nice lining inside. :)

Lightinthebox offers more items from apparels, accessories to cosmetics and even electronics! Be sure to visit their site, you might want to purchase some items with them. Also, please drop by Kristine's blog. She's one of my favorite Filipina beauty blogget/youtuber. Her forte is mainly nail arts and fashion.
Oh, and this will probably my last post in this blog, EVER, as I plan to quit blogging from now on... Not!!! Haha! Gotcha! Happy April Fools everyone!
with love, Anna Luisa

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