Wednesday, April 9, 2014

THEFACESHOP Flebeaute White Crystal Diamond Peeling: Review

Let's face it. Not everyone can afford diamond peel on a regular basis. It could be because we don't want to spend money or we don't have the time to do so. But the thing is, diamond peel is really good. I don't know about you but diamond peel has been a part of my monthly routine now, along with a good old classic facial. Not only does it help remove dead skin cells, but it also helps in keeping my skin free from blemishes. I noticed that when I don't go for a diamond peel in so long, I get cystic acne and suffer painful bumps on my chin. This is probably because dead skin cells tend to build up and dirt and oil get stuck inside the pores and eventually gets infected. I used to get the treatment done twice a week but ever since I got ahold of this product- THEFACESHOP Flebeaute White Crystal Diamond Peeling, it has been reduced to once a month. This saves me money, time and effort.

This is just a sample bottle but it also has a foil seal. :)

THEFACESHOP Flebeaute White Crystal Diamond Peeling is a product that I got for free after spending a certain amount in THEEFACESHOP boutique in MOA last year. They gave me this small tube and it has been with me for quite some time. I'm not sure how much it costs if you buy the regular size. I know I've asked a saleslady before but I just can't seem to remember. If you do know, then please be a doll and comment down below.

Anyway, what exactly is it? Here's what the short description says: Exfoliator with fine powders of diamond and natural mineral buffs away old flakes and debris. Translation? It's basically a face scrub which claims to have diamond powder in it, hence its name.

How do you use it? Instruction says you have to apply it onto dry skin, and massage it for about a minute or so. The diamond powder is so fine compared to a regular scrub so you don't actually feel it as much as the beads on a regular scrub. I like that because it doesn't feel as abrasive but after a few seconds, the product would start to get dry and massaging gets a little bit tougher. This will then start the actual exfoliation. I always follow the instruction to massage it for a minute, even if the scrub has started drying up. After which, I rinse it with water. I feel that even though I used an exfoliator, my skin doesn't feel dry at all. Also, I feel that it brightened my face and smoothened my skin surface. I use this product once a week, except on the week where I would actually get my diamond peel. This routine works for me in removing dead skin cells and avoiding oil build up that causes my cystic acne. I would love to recommend this product to people looking for a good exfoliator. If your face isn't that problematic, this product may even replace actual diamond peeling! How great would that be, right?
with love, Anna Luisa


Jenny Cristobal said...

Hello there Luisa hehehe...nakaktuwa naman, naaaddict na ko basahin tong blog mo...Lot's of girl stuff nga..=) I will follow you na from now on..=)

Zed Chu said...

how much daw din po to sa store?

Anna Luisa said...

@Jenny: Hahaha.. Hello hello! Welcome to my blog and thank you thank you sa pagbisita. I really appreciate it. :)

@Zed: I forgot na eh. I will try to drop by the store tomorrow to ask. Sana maalala ko. :)