Saturday, April 19, 2014

Korean Organic Skin Care Giveaway Prize from WISHTrend!!!

Hi everyone! I'm not sure if you are following me in my twitter or my youtube channel but just recently, I shared that I was chosen as the winner for a Korean Organic Skin Care Set (CELLBN) from Wishtrend.

One month ago, I joined a giveaway hosted by WISHTrendTV. The giveaway was looking for one winner to try out Organic Skin Care products that they talked about in this video. I was actually not expecting to win. After all, there were already so many entries that I just tried out my luck. All I had to do was be subscribed to their channel (I already was), share the video (I shared it in twitter), add the hashtag WishtrendGiveaway and comment down why I wanted to try their awesome products. Check out the original giveaway video here:

I responded like this:
I have really sensitive acne prone skin. My struggle with acne has started ever since I started my teenage years. For more than ten years, acne has been a problem that I had to face. Sure, OTC acne medications helped keep them at bay and it is true that my acne problem has been reduced over time but it still did not completely go away. Right now, I am using dermatologist prescribed products but this causes redness and extreme peeling, if used for a long time. I wanna try out organic products that are gentler on the skin but would yield good results.
Two weeks ago, I was notified that I won! I was so psyched! I even sent a message to my family and friends. It was like I won the lottery or something! I was extremely happy! I sent an e-mail to WISHtrend and got the confirmation. Finally, last week, they sent the parcel.

(Sings) Bubble bubble pop, bubble bubble pop pop! Haha. Yes, it's bubble wrapped! Weee!
CELLBN Organic Skin Care Set

The other day, I got a notice saying I have a parcel to pick up at the post office and I immediately thought of Wishtrend's package that I have been waiting for. It took about a week for it to arrive here, which is actually faster than I expected since generally local post offices hold packages for a longer period of time before releasing it. I was so excited and as soon as I got ready, I immediately went out to claim the package. It was Wednesday, then. Holy Week. And when I arrived, the post office was closed! I was so confused since the notice said I could pick the item up from 1:00PM- 5:00PM and it was just half past 4 back then, so I really had no idea why the office was closed. Luckily, a guy was inside the office grounds and helped me. Apparently, since it was Holy Wednesday, the office was only open for half a day! Good thing lady luck was on my side and the staff hasn't gone home yet. The guy gave my notice to the remaining staff and they were kind enough to accommodate me, even though all the doors were already locked.

To cut the story short, I got ahold of my package! Yay! But it was getting dark then so I couldn't really open the package. I mean, I could. But I wouldn't be able to film an unboxing video, which I had already planned. So I decided to just leave my package alone for the night and restrain myself from opening the said parcel until the sun comes out the next day and gives me an opportunity to film an unboxing the video.

Yesterday, the sun was cooperating well, shining brightly, that I immediately filmed an unboxing video just minutes after I woke up. Of course, I washed my face first, brushed my teeth and drank my thyroid medicine (I got my thyroid removed before). But after all that, I immediately filmed the unboxing of the video. I got the CELLBN Organic Skin Care Set from Wishtrend, a set that costs about $250. Never did I imagine that I would come to a point that I would be given the chance to try a high end (expensive) product like this one. I was ecstatic! Here's the video of me unboxing the Wishtrend package!

I was so happy, I even placed closed captions in this video. Whew! ;)

I also did a small photo session of each of the items, filmed a nice video showcasing each of the items for my overview/ first impression video/ blog post so basically, expect that there will be a couple of videos and blog posts regarding this skin care set. The photos above were not really taken very well but I assure you that the next posts will have better photos.

Oh, and I'm typing this post in advance so this will probably be up tomorrow, two days after the actual unboxing day. :)
with love, Anna Luisa


Janet said...

you are so lucky! congrats on winning ^_~

Anna Luisa said...

@Janet: IKR! Thank you! :)