Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Bench Fix Styling Gum: Review

The truth is, starting tomorrow, I will be busy. I may not be able to blog as much but I will try to schedule a lot of posts in advance just to keep up with my 'every other day' postings. The thing is, I recently decided to explore other opportunities in my profession (nursing) through Australia. Yes, I've been thinking of practicing in another country. Nothing's carved in stone yet. So I'm not sure if I would really push through with this. There are a lot of things to consider and the first hurdle I have to overcome is IELTS. I have to acquire an IELTS score of NOT lower than 7 in any section of the IELTS exam so I decided to enroll in a review center. So finally, after more than 5 months, I will have something worthwhile to do. I've been a bum for so long. I'm quite excited but the downside would have to be me, missing out on opportunities to blog (since I have to attend classes). I've been pretty happy with my blogging progress the past two months because I have been able to stick to my schedule of writing a post every other day. I only hope that this review phase doesn't take its toll on my blogging.

Anyway, enough about my personal life, I know you are much more interested in my product review so I won't prolong the intro. This isn't going to be a long post because I still actually have a lot to read so I'm just throwing in a simple post for today.

As I've said, I used to work as a nurse. And the big deal about working (before) is keeping my hair in place. In the previous company I worked for, we were required to tie our hair into a bun to keep our hair from our faces. One struggle that I face everyday is keeping it nice and tidy. My hair was previously cut just below the shoulders which is a length that's pretty hard to work with. One, because it's not long enough to be tied up with ease. Two, because it's not short enough for me to be allowed  to not to tie it up. Admin usually doesn't mind us not tying up our hair as long as it is cut above the shoulders. Anyway, since I'm working with a tricky hair length, I need the aid of hair products to keep it in place. Also, I have a lot of 'baby hair' that I need to tame. To do all that, I use Bench Fix Styling Gum.

I used to not know anything about Bench Fix products because most people I know use the clay and I didn't particularly like the texture of their hair clay. Good thing my good friend Jade told me about this product. At first, I was just drawn to the name because I've never heard of styling gums before. But now I love it for its performance. I actually have a new one in a bigger container but I'm such a lazy person, I didn't bother to take a photo.

Anyway, each Bench Fix product has a grade for "Hold" and "Shine". I like this styling gum because it gives a good amount of hold (4) for a good amount of shine (4). Also, I love the smell! So much better than the previous hair gel I used.

If you have similar problems as me, I suggest you try this one out.
with love, Anna Luisa

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