Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Milani Color Statement Lipstick in Ruby Valentine (08): Review

Statement lips? There's only one color I have in mind- RED!!! Think vixen! There's nothing easier than to wear a shade of red on your lips for that glam (but minimal) makeup look you're going for. No need for that smokey eye makeup you've been trying to perfect (but can't seem to) for the past few weeks. Yes, not all people are armed with makeup skills. Some people just have to go with the basics and this Milani Color Statement Lipstick in Ruby Valentine (08) might just be the one for you!
Milani Color Statement Lipstick in Ruby Valentine (08)

WARNING: Elements of K-Pop may be mentioned a couple of times from hereon. As I am a hardcore K-Pop fan, I'm not sure how crazy or how calm (depending on my control) I may sound for the rest of the post.
Recently, I have noticed that quite a few K-Pop artists have been wearing shades of red for their promotions. Does Miss A's Hush concept come into mind? They wore red lips. I even saw Dara (2NE1)'s Get It Beauty tutorial and it incorporated red lips in one of the looks as well! Recently, SNSD (Girls Generation) has released their Mr.Mr Teaser (Don't ask me about my opinion on the alleged MV clip loss and the comeback delay. I may not be able to finish this post properly.) and most of them were wearing bold colored lips. For the past few years, girl group idols have mostly been wearing nude/peach/pink shades for most of their looks and now they're finally reaching out for more exciting looks, incorporating dark and bold colors for a change.
 Dara (2NE1) in Get It Beauty with CLIO

Miss A- Hush concept

So what does that have to do with me or with this post for that matter? Well, they've successfully converted a self proclaimed K-Pop fan ergo I've started considering (and using) bold colors for different looks as well. The timing couldn't also be better since I received this particular product from my best friend. Color Statement Lipstick from Milani DOES make a statement. It's definitely perfect to make my look more made up than I actually put an effort to. It has a semi-matte finish that make it look even more elegant (in my opinion). I love how pigmented this product is without being drying. I do touchups about 2 times in a day which practically means every 4 hours or so. That amount of time is already fine with me since I usually eat/drink around that time frame and I always do my touchups after eating/drinking no matter what product I'm using. Overall, I'm impressed with this product. I can't thank Botbot (my best friend) enough for this present. :)

So recently, Sunmi has released an MV called Full Moon. Once again, catchy songs like 24 Hours fill in the K-Pop scene. Yehet! I've taken a liking to Sunmi's overall look for this promotion that I filmed my take on her makeup. If you're interested, you can check my video out over here where I used this particular lipstick for my red lips:
End of post realization: I think I did a pretty good job controlling myself in this post I didn't sound too K-Pop cray, right? Just don't mention the 2NE1 ALL OR NOTHING Live in Manila because I just heard that ticket release would be on March 22, 2014 and oh my gosh, I'm not prepared! I have to stop writing now because I have to leave my other K-Pop friend a message regarding this matter. That's all for now, ohorat!
with love, Anna Luisa


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That's a pretty color!

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@Ahleesa: Thanks! Will visit your blog. :)