Saturday, February 22, 2014

Celeteque Advanced Anti-Aging Cleansing Oil: Review

Another product review! Yehet! This one's from Sample Room. I know I've mentioned Sample Room before but for those who do not know what Sample Room is, basically it's a website that offers limited free samples of different particular featured products. To know more, you can visit their site at:

Celeteque Dermoscience: a dermatologist tested brand available locally in any major drugstore and groceries. I've tried a couple of products from Celeteque but sad to say, I haven't found anything that really impressed me except for their moisturizing mist. It's actually kind of sad because I have high hopes for this brand when I first found out about it. Other people swear by it but for some reason, it doesn't match well with my skin. This particular product is not exempted, either.

Cleansing oils... I've tried a couple of makeup removers before and this isn't the first time I've used an oil variant. I'm not particularly a fan since I don't really like the greasy feeling after using makeup removers like these but I'm not a hater either. I think cleansing oils are best for removing waterproof makeup. And true to all these, Celeteque Advanced Anti-Aging, Anti-Wrinkle, Ultra Hydrating Cleansing Oil is once again not an exemption. Celeteque does leave a greasy feeling after (It's oil so there's really nothing else to expect.) and yes, Celeteque also removes makeup quite well. I can't really comment on the anti-aging properties since I don't really have much of a problem in that area.

So what is all the fuss, you might wanna ask? It broke me out! How do I know for sure? I don't really stop using a product even after breaking out once or twice. I wait about few more weeks just to make sure that it isn't all coincidental. I've used up about 3/4 of the whole bottle before finally deciding to give up on it. I would have tried it again if my face didn't start to clear up right after I stopped using this. I'm not sure what's in the product that causes this problem but I'm pretty sure it's not my cleansing technique because I do wash my face pretty well with face soap and water everytime I remove my makeup.

To conclude this post, I would have to say I was not pleased with this particular product and I definitely would not purchase my own bottle anytime in the future. Sorry, Celeteque. But don't worry, I won't give up on you. Not yet.
with love, Anna Luisa

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