Monday, February 24, 2014

THEFACESHOP Freshian Volumizing Mascara: Review

Two good things you'd want to hear side by side are cheap and effective. Not all things beauty related (or even nonbeauty) are measured by its price. Sometimes, you just have to look for that one good product you can brag about, not because it costs a fortune but because you practically didn't spend much on it.

THEFACESHOP is a really good brand from South Korea. I love their skin care line and it has never failed me at any point in my life. (I hope it never does.)

A few years back, I bought this mascara from THEFACESHOP. It was the first time I actually looked around the store and I fancied this particular product. It was calling me inside my head, begging me to take it. And I'm glad I had that little psych thing going in my head because this is probably the best everyday wear kind of mascara that I've tried!

I have long lashes but my lashes are very fine, stick straight and hardly noticeable. I need something that would volumize them enough to be actually seen. I mean who cares about long lashes when noone seems to even notice it? I got the Volume variant without high expectations. They also have Curling ones, by the way. I just wanted a new mascara, wanted it to be from THEFACESHOP and I wanted it to be cheap. At that time it was around PHP265 but I'm pretty sure I was able to get ahold of this for around PHP198 the second time I bought it. (Do correct me if I get the prices wrong though.)
So I bought it. Again, I had no expectations whatsoever. But when I tried it? Oh my gosh, I loved it! It was able to give me the right amount of volume for an everyday kind of look. I didn't really want my lashes to be over the top, I just want it to be noticeable and... it was! With just one coat, I was able to achieve the look that I wanted. Also, it was able to hold the curl of my lashes for a couple of hours. I'm guessing around 4 hours or so and I know you might think 4 hours is short but mind you, I have stick straight lashes that I can't seem to curl! Now with this mascara? I see hope.

 one coat

Tried doing double coat but I didn't do a perfect job. It turned out to be a little clumpy. Truth be told, though, I don't mind clumpy lashes so if I really want to make my lashes even more noticeable, I wouldn't mind doing double coats. 
double coat
Have you tried this product out? My friend Bear (Hi Bear!) has and we couldn't help but rave about it when it was brought up. It's also the perfect gift for those in a tight budget. I usually recommend this product to good friends who are looking for an affordable but effective mascara. It's one of my favorites and I will definitely repurchase this in the future.
with love, Anna Luisa


Gellie Abogado said...

Wow, it's a really inexpensive mascara. I use the Volum Express from Maybelline. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this one :)


Anna Luisa said...

I used to use the same mascara too! It's also a good mascara for its price. ^^

Ahleessa C said...

This sounds like a great mascara. Have you tried heated curlers? That might help your stick straight lashes stay curled longer.

Anna Luisa said...

@Ahleesa: Hmm... I've considered it quite a few times but I'm scared to use heated ones. Maybe one of these days... :)