Thursday, March 5, 2015

K-Palette 1 Day Tattoo Eyeliner (Liquid and Pencil): Review

Hi guys! Today, I'm pretty excited with the products I'm highlighting in this post. This product isn't actually something new to me but for some reason, I forgot to take nice shots of this particular product when I first got it for myself.

You may have seen this product in so many beauty blogs and I'm sure a lot of beauty vloggers have featured it too. If you're a fan of Asian makeup,  I'm sure you've heard of this product at least once. I'm talking about this Japanese brand eyeliner called K-Palette.

I first had it back in 2012. I got the liquid liner, which I asked my family to get for me when they travelled to Japan (without me). I was so excited when I got my hands on it and was even more excited when I first swiped it on the back of my hand.

 The eye pencil comes in a twist up packaging. No sharpener needed. :)

 The only downside is that the end isn't as pointy as I want it to be.


Last year, however, I got this eyeliner set from the same brand but aside from the liquid liner, I got the pencil liner  as well. It only costed me 1500 yen (about PHP 750) which was such a steal so even thought I already had the Dolly Wink eyeliner in my shopping basket, I still grabbed this pair.

 Fine tip
 Easy control because of this pen type packaging


The most notable thing about this eyeliner is that it is as black as you can imagine. Out of all the eyeliners I've tried before, this is the blackest one for me. One swipe is very pigmented for both the liquid and the pencil one. To be honest, when swiped side by side, I can't tell which is which. It has the same shade and pigmentation, in my opinion.

 Comparison. Taken after running water over the swatches.

Let me show you a quick comparison of the pencil and liquid liner. As you can see above, both eyeliners are quite pigmented and all the swatches are quite dark. They're as black as they can be. I've labelled which is liquid and pencil, just so you know. Oh, and did I mention the swatches above were taken after I ran water over it? I did? Well, I'm saying it again. I was able to prove that this pair is water resistant. :)

Of course, even though they have both the same color payoff, they are good for specific reasons. As you might have guessed, the liquid one is good for outlining your upper lash line and very much suited for when you want to create a wing.

You can also use the pencil for the same thing but I find that it works best in tightlining my upper lashline and lining my lower waterline as well. I can also use it if I want a messy semi-smudged eyeliner look.

In comparing the two, I can say that the pencil is more versatile compared to the liquid one. But then again, the liquid gives a more precise line and is longer lasting.

My experience with this brand lets me know that when it comes to eyeliners, Japanese brands really do dominate. I know some  of you might ask me what the difference of this brand from Dolly Wink is but I think talking about it on the same post as this review will make it too long. I'll just leave the link for my Dolly Wink liner review here, if you're interested.

If you want me to discuss the difference between the two, let me know in the comment section below. Have you experienced the greatness of K-Palette before? Make sure to share your thoughts below! :)
With Love,
Anna Luisa

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