Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Nichido High Definition Lipstick (Pretty Tulip): Review + Swatches

Since I'm feeling a little lazy today, I won't be writing down a long post today. This will only be a short review plus swatches of one of my favorite lip colors these days. This was included in my Top 5 Summer/ Spring 2014 Lip Colors so you may have seen it at least once before, if you're a follower of my blog.

 Cute packaing, don't you think? :)

Poor swatches from my old camera.

The highlight of this post is a local Filipino product from the brand Nichido. It is called the High Definition Lipstick in the shade Pretty Tulip. I put this baby to good use over the past two months whenever I felt like going for a bold lip color and minimal eye makeup. I find that instead of red (which I consider to be the best for a bold lip color), pink or orange is better suited for warmer weather. This is not an absolute rule. It's just my opinion. You can wear red if you want to, of course!

So I've been constantly reaching out for this particular product for the most part of April and have been using it interchangeably with the Colour Collection Ultimate Wear Lipstick (Headturner) that I got from Sample Room. I like it a lot as it is has good color payoff. The shade is a very vibrant pink, perfect for a minimalistic makeup. You instantly glam up even with little to no eye makeup. I use this whenever I have an important event coming up with limited time for preparation.

 Poorly taken swatches are still swatches. Just deal with it. :p

It has a bit of a satin finish which I personally prefer. It tends to dry up after a couple of hours so I highly recommend that you prep your lips with a balm prior to using this. It transfers too so you have to reapply after you drink or eat. It's not a big deal though. Especially since it only costs PHP198.00 in Watsons!

It has a tinted lip balm strategically located at the cover cap that you can use to prep your lips. I rarely use this as I prefer using my Maybelline Baby Lips as base but I've tried it before and it does a pretty decent job of moisturizing your lips.

 This is not your ordinary color cap. It's a lip balm! ;)

The shade is almost always mistaken (by my family) to be the same as the other lipstick I mentioned above but just to be clear, I will provide a swatch side by side, below, just so you have a better idea. Nichido is a hot pink lip color with a little bit of coral undertone where as Colour Collection has a little bit of blue undertone.

 L: Colour Collection; R: Nichido
 See the difference?

For those of you who are looking for an affordable lip product in the hot pink family shade, I suggest you get this one and try it out! It works well, cheap and widely distributed all over the Philippines! Bili na! (Trans: "Buy it!")
with love, Anna Luisa

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