Thursday, June 5, 2014

CELLBN Skincare Set: Review

I know it took me such a long time to finally review (or rave on) this product for you but that's only because I want to try the brand thoroughly. Despite the fact that I got the product for free (through a giveaway), I still wanted to give my honest opinions on the product. And I didn't think that rushing would be any good for anyone. So after a good long month, I have finally decided to give my two cents on this skin care set from the Korean brand CELLBN. I have the toner, serum and moisture cream with me. But before anything else, let me leave you this video of my first impressions on this particular product.
 Click on the photo above for the video. Make sure to open it in a new tab/window so you can continue reading this entry easily. And if you're curious, this particular video was taken a month after continued use. I wrote down all my first impressions before to preserve what I first thought of the products. :)

The things such as smell, consistency, packaging, of course, did not change so I won't be going through that any more. My short video above already covered that up. I also won't be digging through what each product promises to do and its ingredients as i have already posted an overview of these three products that touched through those. What I will be talking about in this particular entry is the all over effects of the set after a long use. For reference, I will be talking about the CELLBN Damage Multiaction Toner, CELLBN Damage Precious Serum and the CELLBN Damage Deep Moisture Cream.

 Before using CELLBN

But before I go into the effects, let me take this opportunity to tell you about my skin condition before I used the set. I had oily, acne prone, sensitive skin. Well, actually, I still do. But back then, I had dry patches around my nose brought about some acne-related skin care products. You see, my previous skin care routine was from a dermatologist. It was an effective set that helped control my breakouts and help deal with the scars that are left behind. It had its merits but disadvantages cannot be avoided as well. Most of the products in that set had micro-peeling properties. This resulted in redness and peeling. There were also noted stinging sensations whenever I try to apply my topical antibiotics. In general, I felt like my skin became even more sensitive. But then again, I was scared of trying out other products as there is a possibility that I might break out again, and it's definitely something that I don't aim for.

Then come the opportunity for this particular skin care set from Korea. Honestly, I didn't know anything about the brand but it was organic and it came from a reliable website called WishTrend. So I took a leap of faith and I'm glad I did. One month ago, I had pretty decent skin with occasional breakouts. Now, I still have hormonal acne here and there but I felt like my skin has improved over all!

 One day after

I personally didn't see any improvement immediately after using the products but on the day after, my mom complimented me for having a fresh look, immediately after getting up from bed. I thought it was bogus as I didn't really think a product can have such immediate effects but to be honest, I felt good about myself that day.

 One week after

After a week, I have noticed that my skin condition has improved a lot. There was no stinging sensation at all, no redness and most of all, the dry patches are gone! For a makeup enthusiast, having those dry patches sail away is something to be excited about as makeup application will be much easier. And it did! Gone are the days when most of my makeup would gather around dry patches of skin on my nose, chin and even worse, on my cheeks!

Two weeks after, I felt like my skin looked brighter and healthier. It's quite hard to explain as I didn't really notice my pores getting smaller and the acne scars didn't ultimately fade away but there was something about my skin that made me look fresh and dare I say, youthful! For the record, I am only 24 years old so I don't really categorize myself as old but there has been some rejuvenating effects and I can't deny it.

To date, I still use the same product day and night. I tried going back to my old skin care routine just for an experiment but I couldn't last for more than 3 days as I was getting bugged by my old skin horrors of redness, stinging and patches almost immediately from the start of the study. Needless to say, I really think this set is a big improvement on my previous routine and I'm not even sure if I will be able to let go of these products in the future. I highly recommend these products. Get it through WishTrend!with love, Anna Luisa

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