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Liese Prettia Bubble Hair Dye (Milk Tea Brown): Review

About 2-3 times in a year, I dye my hair. I usually go for lighter shades as I find that lighter hair color makes me look younger and more approachable. My friends tell me darker hair makes me look 'too serious'.

It all started about six years ago when I first tried out the Loreal Casting Creme Gloss. Ever since then, I colored my hair with different brands of hair dyes ranging from American to Asian brands. My latest pick is a Japanese hair dye from a brand called Liese Prettia or sometimes referred to as Kao Prettia. I got it during my trip to Japan last December and I only got to use it last month (May). I bought it from Donki in Akihabara.

There were several reasons as to why I chose this particular hair dye. Number one, I heard so many good reviews regarding this product. I was curious to find out if it will also yield to good results if I use it on my own hair so I decided to grab one. Number two, it was so much cheaper in Japan. Prettia hair dye is not available here in the Philippines so you have to order online to be able to try one. But seeing as I was already strolling around the source country, I made it a point to buy one for myself. It was only roughly PHP350, when converted. (Honestly, I forgot the exact amount in Yen so I can only write whatever's left in my memory.) There were so many colors to choose from but I got the ever-so-popular Milk Tea Brown shade because I knew in my heart that this is the lightest shade of brown they have and having tried Medium Ash Blonde from Syoss (and liking the light shade), I figured I should at least get the lightest shade of brown just as preparation for when I need to re-color for my roots.

 Photo instructions. No Japanese language knowledge needed. :)
 Hair color chart
 Prettia Shade Brightness Comparison Chart

Because I didn't want to ruin my hair from too much chemical coloring, I waited six months before re-coloring my hair. And just as planned, six months after, I colored my hair-- BY MYSELF! I've always had my mom help me with coloring my hair since I knew her obsessive compulsive qualities will prove useful for me to acquire even hair color. I had her help even when I got the Palty Foam Hair Dye, which is supposedly a very easy product to work with alone. But this time, I decided to wash away my cowardliness and take the task of hair coloring by my own hands. Of course, since I deemed the situation to be very notable, I recorded it in a video and made a hair color DIY video (Watch out, Youtube!) to encourage other people that they can also easily do the same. For those who are curious, here's the video I'm talking about:


Now I know not everyone wants to watch a 5 minute video so just to give you an idea, below is a photo of my hair prior to coloring. I had about 2 inches of dark brown roots. I was honestly worried that the Milk Tea Brown shade wouldn't be light enough to bridge the difference with my dark brown roots and my medium ash blonde-colored ends. While applying, I noticed a very strong chemical scent. I can stand the scent, just because I'm not very particular with that. I can't say the same for everyone though, as we all have different preferences.
 Mega roots!
 Medium Ash Blonde- my previous hair color
 After dyeing my medium to long fine hair, I still had some product left!

 After Photo #1: It's a little bit lighter than my previous color in person.
  After Photo #2: It looks almost the same as my previous hair color in photos.
No more roots
Under artificial indoor lights

Thankfully, I was not disappointed as the color was as vibrant as I hoped it would be. I left the product on my hair for 30 minutes and rinsed it off with tap water. The color is even, I hardly noticed my previous roots. I takes detective eyes to see them! It was just simply amazing!

 After color conditioner

After all the fuss, I used the after color conditioner to... well, condition my hair. But unlike Palty that left my hair soft, silky and manageable, Prettia left a little bit of damage on my hair. My ends particularly looked drier than before. But I plan to take better care of my hair with everyday conditioning and weekly mask treatments. Also, since I noticed that split ends are starting to form, I'm having my ends trimmed the next time I go to a salon.

So for one of the most asked questions regarding Japanese bubble hair dyes, "Which is better, Prettia or Palty?". Personally, I like both for different reasons. I feel that Prettia lifts my color better but Palty takes better care of my hair. So depending on your current hair condition and how well your hair takes color would be the basis for your choice between the two. I highly recommend both, as I didn't have any bad experience with any of the two.

Lastly, for the big reveal, I will be having a hair dye givaway but I still have to film and edit the video to be uploaded in youtube. I hope the weather cooperates tomorrow so I'd have enough light to film my intro clip. Okay, I have to stop rambling for fear that this post might transform itself into a novel. That would be all for now! Bye!

with love, Anna Luisa

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