Friday, June 13, 2014

Belo AcnePro and Hygienix (Sample Room): Review

Another Sample Room haul! Yay! I don't know about you but I always feel like a winner whenever I chance upon available samples that I like from the Sample Room website. For new readers out there who haven't read any of my Sample Room posts before, click on this link to enlighten you on what the site is all about.

Even after about more than a year of sampling, I only have limited amount of Sample Room points. How I wish I was a partner blogger or a VIP! But despite that, I am still able to get samples that are quite useful, not just for my blog content, but also for my day to day life.

My most recent snag before this was a cosmetic product, a lip product to be more exact, from the brand called Colour Collection. This time, however, I jumped on and tried this new skin care revolution from the brand Belo. I got both the face wash and toner. And with the little number of points I had remaining, I also got a handy dandy sanitizer spray from Hygienix, all included in just one shipping. Yay!

I was very excited to try this out as my previous post about Belo has got to be one of my most viewed posts. While I tried hard not to expect so much from the products (my previous review didn't exactly sing on a positive note), the promise of this bee venom technology that I only used to see in Korean skin care sets made me walk on blind faith. Without having any experience on any of the products from this line, I claimed that this product would be nothing but epic! I was convinced that this was the cheaper alternative to the organic skin care set I'm using or the dermatologist prescribed products I was using before. With many good reviews and being the editor's pick of the month (of Sample Room), I was very excited when the delivery man dropped this package off our doorstep.



I thought it was love at first use. I particularly liked the scent, the consistency and how it left my face after lathering/applying but my oh my, the disappointment it has caused in the form of acne. It started at the edges of my eyebrows and at first I thought it was the result of an unresolved hormonal imbalance from a previous monthly visit. But the more I used the product, the more pimples it creates. Yes, it does have a little bit of a calming effect-- to the person not on the zits! You see, the scent is just oh-so-divine. It's the perfect combination of powdery and flowery scent. I simply love it. But you know how they say "Sometimes love ain't enough."? I think I may have solved the mystery behind it by the use of this.

This product hates my face as much as I love its scent. While I would normally not give up after just a week of usage for a particular skin care set, I will make this an exception as I already had a not-so-good experience with the brand before. I don't want to linger on this set when I know my organic skin care takes better care of my skin.

To be fair, however, the line didn't dry up my skin. In fact, it left it soft and well moisturized. The only problem was it was causing more troubles than relief. And so I have decided to just let this go, just like Elsa's song. I passed both products (face wash and toner) onto my sister who offered to continue using it. If I get the chance to, then I might go back to this entry and update you guys with what happened to my sister's skin.

For now, I would say that this is a good product. A good product for someone else. For an acne prone, oily, sensitive skin person like me, I wouldn't recommend this as it broke me out like no tomorrow.

As for the sanitizer spray, I don't really have any complaints whatsoever. I like that it's compact, easy to use and gets its job done. Other than those, I have nothing more to say.

Have you noticed that most of my posts recently are skin care related? Haha. I'm not sure why but I have so much skin care stuff left for review. My next skin care post will be about a product that works well for cystic acne so be on the lookout for that! In the mean time, watch out for my next post, which will most probably be a makeup or hair product, just for a bit of a change.
with love, Anna Luisa

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