Friday, June 27, 2014

AOA Short Hair MV Makeup | 에이오에이 - 단발머리 메이크업

Before I go on with the formal content of this post, I would like to invite everyone to join my ongoing giveaway. I will be giving away a hair dye from the Japanese brand called Dariya Palty in the shade Milk Tea Brown, which happens to be one of the popular shades they have. It is open internationally so everyone is encouraged to join. :) (You will probably see this introduction in most of my future posts up until the giveaway is over. I hope you don't mind the post by post plug. ^^)

Here's a little bit of an update on what's new in my youtube channel. I just published a video earlier today with a simple makeup tutorial inspired by one of K-Pop's (not so) new girl group from FNC Entertainment (Yes, think C.N.Blue, F.T.Island and Juniel!), AOA or Ace of Angels. They recently released a new music video called Short Hair. It's an upbeat catchy song that I like to listen to on repeat. I like how cute and colorful the whole music video, which finally urged me to do a makeup look inspired by it.
(Click on the photo for the tutorial) 

I was mainly looking at Hye Jung's makeup and that was the look I was going for but somehow, after publishing it, a viewer commented that it looks more like Seolhyun's, which I happen to agree with. I'm not sure but whenever I try to recreate K-Pop looks, it doesn't really look exactly the same (probably) because my eye shape is different than those of Korean stars.

 Expectation: Hyejeong makeup
 Reality: Resulted as Seolhyun (Doesn't matter though, because both are pretty. ^^)

Anyway, it took me a longer period of time filming and editing this particular tutorial because I wanted the output to be an improved version of my previous uploads. I managed to get some new filming ideas thanks to ClairBellaTV, as she shared a few filming tips in her latest main channel video. So I give her all the credits for the better outcome of my videos from hereon. Yay!

Anyway, check out the fruits of my hardwork, the video itself, over HERE. Thanks!
with love, Anna Luisa

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