Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Neutrogena Deep Clean Revitalizing Ultra Foam Cleanser (Grapefruit): Review

My love relationship with foaming products doesn't only revolve around Bubble Hair Dyes like the ones from Palty and Prettia. It also doesn't stop with the Innisfree Mineral Whipping BB Cream nor the Purederm Bubble Oxygen Mask. Neutrogena also has a product I've been particularly fond of the first time I used it.

I've always had oily, acne prone skin. Pimples and blackheads are almost always problems I have to deal with. There are times, however, when my hormones are behaving quite well and I experience 'better' days of no breakouts whatsoever. During these moments, I try to take advantage of this and wean myself off of products made especially for acne.

I'm not really sure if this happens to everyone but I feel like if I only use one type of skin care continuously, my skin develops tolerance to its active ingredients until I reach a point where the products don't help me with blemishes anymore. Because of this, I make sure that when my skin is being cooperative (and is blemish-free), I make use of regular skin care products that has no active acne fighting ingredients. One product that I loved using was this Neutrogena Deep Clean Revitalizing Ultra Foam Cleanser.

I bought this particular product after being encouraged by my sister. This is because my sister likes to share some of my skin care products and she really wanted to try this product out. Being the good sister that I am (excuse my self praise. :p), I bought one for the both of us.

There were two variants during that time, a pink and a purple (brightening), and we chose this pink one which is the Revitalizing Grapefruit. We chose this with the ever-so-helpful saleslady of Neutrogena in SM Makati Watsons. She told us that this particular product has anti-aging properties that helps reveal younger looking skin and that it would be more suited for my sister and I.

It came in this nice plastic packaging with a distinguished dispenser that releases the foam. During my first use, I really was fond of the foam that came out of the nozzle. It was probably one of the most exciting foam cleanser dispensing experience I've ever had. I know it sounds childish but I was really into the concept!

I also really really liked the smell. To be honest, I liked the purple's smell better at first but after a couple of uses, I got used to its scent and I actually prefer this one now.

Performance-wise, this particular cleanser did a good job, especially if you don't have problematic skin. I personally don't use this on days when my skin breaks out but it does a good job cleansing my face. From my experience, this product works well with my sensitive skin without causing further problems in the form of zits.

This particular product is available locally at Watsons so you probably won't have a hard time trying to get your hands on it. It is priced at PHP 309 which is fairly reasonable for the amount of product you're getting.

Have you tried this product before? Let me know in the comments section below. :)

with love, Anna Luisa

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