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Clinique 7 Day Scrub Cream (Rinse-Off Formula): Review

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What happens when dead cells build up on our skin? That is the question. Sadly, not everyone is aware of the answer to that. For people who took time and effort to search and 'study', they know the horror that follows after such event.

A little over three years ago, I had no interest in beauty related things. Surely, I use products that are advertised to cater to my acne prone skin but I never really understood the science behind them. During that time, I didn't even know the importance of facial scrubs. I initially thought facial scrubs are just the same as face wash, only more intensive as it scrubs away deep seated dirt. I was really unaware why other people had to use them. I know the reason is not complicated but I was young and (that) oblivious. Thankfully, I grew to love beauty related things so now I know more about different beauty products like makeup and skin care.

To simply answer the question above, I will use this particular paragraph. It won't take long as the answer won't even exceed three sentences so allow me to take a few seconds of your time. When dead cells build up, it clogs your pores and causes oil (and dirt) accumulation beneath it. When this happens, normal face wash cannot remove the impurities fully. This, then, causes the formation of what we call pimples and blackheads. And that, is the very reason why we need to use scrubs.

With the use of facial scrubs, one is able to remove the unneeded (dead) skin cells by sloughing it off through friction. Do take note, however, that anything too much is not good. So one must be cautious in choosing a face scrub. I like to choose ones that have enough beads to get the job done and remain not abrasive and harmful to the skin. I've tried a couple of scrubs like these before but so far, the best would have to be Clinique's.

This rinse-off 7 day scrub cream from Clinique is the perfect product for my acne prone sensitive skin. It functions well as my skin feels nice and clean after its use. It isn't harsh on the skin and in fact, makes my skin soft, supple and moisturized afterwards. It doesn't have any smell and is gentle enough to be used everyday, hence its name. But despite that claim, I don't use it 7 days a week. I only use it for about 2 times in a week and I'm good.

It has really helped me maintain my 'better' skin condition and I'm really glad I got this tube from a package that my aunt sent me. (Thanks Tita!) I highly recommend this product to everyone out there. It is suitable for all skin types so you need not worry. :)
with love, Anna Luisa

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