Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Nichido Stardust Palette (Totally Neutral): Review

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So I was going through my hard drive and I saw this folder containing 400+ photos of unreviewed items over the past year and my initial reaction was, 'Wow! What have I been doing last year?'. I definitely have more products to review than I originally imagined. I know I've been doing good lately as I've been blogging often (every other day) and taking advantage of my free time these days. But the amount of products to review is just overwhelming, I'm not even sure I will get to blog about all of them!

But enough about that talk, let us welcome the month of July by talking about one of the products I've purchased last year, to scratch off from that pile (of unreviewed items). Do note that the photos were taken using my old camera so the photos aren't as good as the recent ones but hopefully, these shots would make do.

Plastic cover.
It had a 'Nichido' print on the shadow itself.
Just a closer look onto the shades.

So last year, I decided to do a makeup tutorial using local Filipino products only and I got this particular product from Nichido. It's their three-color eyeshadow palette called the Stardust Palette in the shade Totally Neutral. It contains three neutral (true to its name) everyday eyeshadow colors. It has a pale pink, a medium brown and a dark brown. All, when put together, creates a very lovely look.

Tried to do just show the swatches on my fingertips but the colors don't show up well.

Let me talk about each of the colors to give you more idea of the product. I will start off with the pale pink. The pale pink shadow is a nice color that I like to use to highlight my eyes. I often apply it under my brow bone and on my inner corners to brighten up the look. It is the lightest of the three and is also the least pigmented. I find that I really have to pack on the shadow for the color to hint its presence on my lid. It's especially harder when I use brushes so I like to use the foam applicator that came with the palette as it picks more of the product up.

In this swatch, the medium brown doesn't show up too much because frankly, the shade is a little close to my skin color.

The next shade I will be talking about is the medium brown. This is a really nice medium tone that I like to use on my crease area. It doesn't really create a loud eye contour effect, but more of a subtle shadow effect that I like to do especially when I (used to) go to work. At first, I didn't like the tone of the color on my lids but I eventually got used to it and it's now one of my favorite crease colors.

The last shade is the dark brown. This one is a really nice addition to the palette to provide your eyes with more definition, especially on your lash line/ outer V. It has a purple undertone so it looks a little bit purplish (Duh?) in some lighting. I received a lot of compliments regarding this particular shade when I first started using it. This is also the most pigmented of the three and my most favorite in the palette.

All three shades have hints of shimmer on the pan but doesn't appear sparkly when applied. When used all together, it creates a very neutral glamorous look. If you want to see how I usually use it, you can check out one of my old tutorials here:

The best thing about this product is that it is widely distributed all over the Philippines. I bought it from Watsons for only PHP168 so it definitely wouldn't hurt your budget. I highly recommend this especially for a neutral everyday makeup look.

with love, Anna Luisa

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