Wednesday, July 9, 2014

5 Random 'In Between' Products: Collective Short Reviews

Before I go on with the formal content of this post, I would like to invite everyone to join my ongoing giveaway. I will be giving away a hair dye from the Japanese brand called Dariya Palty in the shade Milk Tea Brown, which happens to be one of the popular shades they have. It is open internationally so everyone is encouraged to join. :) (You will probably see this introduction in most of my future posts up until the giveaway is over. I hope you don't mind the post by post plug. ^^)

I've long accepted the fact that not every single purchase I do would yield to phenomenal results. Not everything is a hit nor a miss. Sometimes, products just simply performs at a mediocre level. Instead of posting individual posts on products like these, I decided to collate a few of them and create this random list of products that are just 'in between'.

Take note that 'in between' products don't mean I regret buying/using them. It probably just didn't do anything extra special that would warrant an individual post from me. Otherwise, I'm still glad I was able to try all the products below. ^^

1. Love Labo Bihada Ichizoku Hatsukoi Makeup Base

This particular product was actually a gift that I received from Jasmine (Thank you!). It was among a pack of nice goodies that came all the way from Hong Kong. It's a makeup base from a Japanese brand.

What I particularly liked about this product is the packaging. I like the design up front. The drawing looks like a nice character from a Josei anime, one of my favorite anime genres. Another thing that I liked is the scent. It has a nice flowery scent that goes away after a minute or so of application.

It functions as a nice primer to create a smooth canvas prior to makeup application. I didn't see any pore minimizing effects (even though it had a silicone texture)  so other than the change on the texture of my skin, it didn't do anything else. Sure, it was able to help me blend my foundation/bb cream easier but nothing more than that.

When choosing a base, I would really prefer it to make my pores look smaller as it is one of my problems especially on my t-zone areas. But then again, this was not a total waste of product. It still works well for everyday use and it didn't cause any untoward reactions to my skin. In conclusion, I can say that this product is just 'okay'.

2. Estee Lauder Take It Away Total Makeup Remover

This is a cream makeup remover in a tube packaging. Most cream makeup removers I've tried come in a jar packaging but Estee Lauder has it in tube. I particularly like this type of packaging as it is more hygienic. Out of all the types of skin care packaging out there, jars would have to be one of my least favorites.

This product works quite well in removing makeup. For some reason, it has a cool almost-manly scent. It's a little hard to explain but it has a scent close to men's perfume. I don't really have any problem with that but I ought to mention it for those who are curious.

Despite being a high end department store product, this item didn't do anything special in terms of makeup removal. To me, it's just another cream type makeup remover. You massage it on your face and then you wash it off afterwards.

3. Clinique All About Eyes Cream
Recently, I've been stressing about the fact that I have a case of bad undereye. I have fine lines, puffiness and dark circles. I feel like I look older than my age because of this problem.

I honestly had high expectations for this product as I've seen a lot of people incorporate this particular product in their skin care routine. Sadly, however, it didn't do anything for me. Other than the fact that it was moisturizing, I don't have any recollection of its effects on me.

4. Clinique Double Volume Mascara

I've used this product as an everyday mascara because I felt like the performance of this item was just so-so. When I first saw the name "Double Volume" mascara, I thought highly of it since volume is really something that I struggle with. I have long lashes but they're not that noticeable since they don't have enough volume. When I use this product, it adds onto the volume of my natural lashes but the effects aren't really anything impressive.

Also, I have stick straight lashes. Even after curling my lashes, it still goes back to its original state once I apply this product. It definitely doesn't hold the curl for me.

5. Collagen Eye Zone Mask

This is probably the cheapest eye mask out there and I'm guessing it takes after its price. It does provide moisturizing effects after use but even after using up all the sheets in this pack, I didn't really see any noticeable change on my under eye area. I'd still buy it again, though. Without much expectations on its effects, I can use it as a nice under eye moisturizer.

Have you ever bought any item that didn't do anything special for you?  Share them in the comment section below! I'd love to hear from you.

with love, Anna Luisa

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