Thursday, July 17, 2014

St. Ive's Green Tea (Naturally Clear) Cleanser and (Blemish Control) Scrub: Review

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Hi everyone! Once again, I missed a post yesterday. This is due to the fact that we've been out of electricity for more than 12 hours yesterday. From 3AM to approximately 8PM, we had no electricity, no internet, not even water! There was a typhoon that hit the Philippines and the strong winds caused damages that took quite a while to fix. By the time the electricity was restored, I was in no mood to write a review up. But I feel all hyped now so I'm writing one now.

One of the products I've tried to get rid of my acne is this duo from St. Ive's. It's from their Green Tea variant which is formulated for acne prone skin. It claims to clear breakouts and reduce redness. It contains salicylic acid and green tea, ingredients that are known to help battle acne.

Honestly, I've had high expectations of this product because before buying one, I read a lot of good reviews regarding it. A few beauty gurus I follow also include this in their skin care routine so there was really no hesitation on my part when I decided to get these from the Watsons shelf.

My sister was particularly happy with the purchase as she was very fond of its 'green tea' smell. I personally don't think it smells exactly like green tea. It's definitely more fragrant but with a green tea (or leafy) aroma. Anyway, I got both the cleanser and the scrub because my sister pushed me to buy both.

Unfortunately, neither of the two proved to clear my breakouts and reduce redness. It didn't do anything much on that area but it does cleanse and scrub well. It didn't break me out either.

I use the cleanser as an everyday face wash and the green tea scrub twice a week for gentle exfoliation. There was really nothing different about the cleanser. It lathered really well and came in a really nice pump packaging.

The srub, however, I found to be quite nice. The beads were very fine, giving me a more subtle approach whenever I scrub my face with it. It doesn't feel as abrasive as other scrubs I've used and proves to deeply cleanse my face.

Although it didn't do much with breakout control, the duo still proves to be nice products, especially if you don't have that much of a problematic skin to begin with. The smell is nice and performs well as a gentle face wash and scrub. I got both from Watsons in SM Sta. Rosa. The cleanser was priced at PHP 224 and the scrub was priced at PHP 187.

I wouldn't recommend it to people with moderate to severe acne. But for those with just mild conditions, I think this product would suffice.

Have you tried this product before? What are your thoughts?
with love, Anna Luisa

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