Saturday, February 7, 2015

Shara Shara I Wanna Pencile Gel Liner (BR01: Dark Brown): Review

I'm not sure if you remember but previously, I shared an unboxing video of a Memebox that I got and today, I'll be reviewing one of the products included in the box. For your reference, I got the Memebox Global #15.

The particular product I'm talking about is the Shara Shara I Wanna Pencile Gel Liner in Dark Brown. When I opened the box, I saw the card description of the items included in the box. It says that you get one gel liner, either in black or dark brown. Honestly, I was praying to get the dark brown and thankfully, I did. :)

The reason why I wanted the dark brown is because I've already used up my brown liquid liner and I really wanted a replacement. I thought a brown gel liner would be great.

My first impression of the items was really good. It came in a slim retractable packaging with a built in sharpener at the very end of the pencil. This saves me the hassle of sharpening the actual pencil and if I want to make the end of the gel pointy, I can easily do so with the built in sharperner at the end. It reminded me of my Proof10 Eyeliner from Etude House, which I was also really pleased with.

Swatches from top to bottom: Heavy handed, normal application, smudged

Performance wise, I have no complaints with this product. In fact, I have nothing but praises for it. First and foremost, I like the shade. It is in dark brown so it's not as intense as my black liners but it's also not too subtle that it's unnoticeable. It gives just the right amount of eye definition that I want.

I also like the color pay off as I don't have to be heavy handed just to get the right color on my lids and waterline. It's also really easy to work with as I can just line my eyes easily without struggling. As if those things aren't enough, I also love the fact that it doesn't transfer when placed on my upper lids. I have hooded lids so whenever I try to use gel liners and such, there's a huge tendency for it to transfer on my upper lid and that doesnt happen when I use this particular product.

After smudging vigorously and running water on it

As you can see, it isn't smudge and waterproof but I guess you can say it's resistant to both and personally, I'm okay with that.

All in all, I'd say this is, by far, the best gel liner pencil I've tried. I'm not entirely sure if Shara Shara is available in the Philippines. A friend of mine told me it is available in Alabang Town Center but I haven't really seen the store yet. On the other hand, if you really want one, you can try looking through Memebox if they will restock on their Global #15 box and you will definitely get one.

Have you also tried this product before? What are your thoughts on it?
With Love,
Anna Luisa

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