Thursday, May 19, 2011

Feature: Syuri @ youtube (syurisyndrome)

Okay, for today's Thursday feature, I'm here to present you... Syuri!!! :) I've first seen her in youtube because she does K-Pop inspired make-up tutorials. As we all know, I'm a self confessed K-Pop fan. I browse around youtube K-Pop inspired make-up tutorials when I have free time. I first saw her Ji Eun (Secret) Shy Boy Make-up Tutorial. I was so happy when I saw this because I'm a Ji Eun fan. Haha! I subscribed from then on and watch her videos whenever I see new uploads.

She posts mostly make-up tutorials (both inspired and original) but she also does haul, reviews, DIYs and OOTDs. I'm pretty sure in the following months, she would be offering more. So yeah, do subscribe to her channel.

Here's one of my favorites from all her uploads:

Isn't she just adoreable? Oh, and she's also hosting international giveaways, I forgot to mention that. I've entered one in facebook and the other one in youtube (comments). And yesterday, I just filmed my video entry so yeah, I will join every single one of them in every single way. Haha!

Do follow her blog too. There are useful entries that you wouldn't find in her youtube so I personally think you should follow her in Blogger too.

Oh, and I just have to say, she has one of the cutest lips I have ever seen. I envy her. I actually noticed this back then but when I read her blog entry entitled DUPE: Melliesh Lipgloss 06 Candy Pink, I realized that yeah, she could actually have the world's cutest lips. And no, I am not weird. Just stating my observations. Haha!

And that's it for my Thursday feature! Toodles! :)

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