Wednesday, May 25, 2011

BIGTOKYO: E-Bay Beauty Spree

I will be deviating from my usual schedule. Since I posted a review + a small tip yesterday, I might as well have a different post for today. And yes, I'm going to talk about my ebay haul. I got a few things from BIGTOKYO in She's got a lot of stuff I like (mostly Asian products). She does combine shipping and next day delivery for just PHP 90 all the way from Davao! Yay! Here's what I got:

I got a few Korean made beauty products, mostly Tono Moly's mini lip and cheek tints in cherry shade which I got as a lot of 8 pieces. I planned to save some for myself and give the others for my best friend and sister. Haha!

I also got 2 mini bb creams for my friends. It's called The Mini Skin: Triple Magic BB Cream. They look really cute, right? But on another note, I don't know why I keep on buying these things for my friends and not for myself. They're so lucky to have me. *Self praise alert* Maybe I should just sell some of these online. Hahaha!

Anyway, what I got solely for myself are bb cream samples that comes in sachets.  I can still remember myself a year ago. I was so hesitant in buying samples. I thought it was unfair for people to sell samples that were originally given out for free. But thinking about it, samples are great most especially if you just want to try out a lot of products to figure what you will be buying in full size. So yeah, I bought Hanskin's Glossy Magic BB Cream, Hanskin's Mineral Magic BB Cream and Skin Food's Mushroom Multicare BB Cream. I also got a Salmon Brightening Eye Cream as a surprise freebie. Weeee! I will also keep it for myself. :)

Anyway, that would be all for now. I have a job interview tomorrow. Please pray for me. Thanks!

with love, Anna Luisa


Hollie said...

cool purchases, please do a review on the Tony tint, been wondering about that for so long!

Anna Luisa said...

sure, i will once i get to use it. :)