Monday, May 16, 2011

Curlformers: I Want!

For today, I'm gonna talk about curlformers. Originally, I was looking online for a nice crimping iron. One search led to another link and I saw this ad for a curlformer.

Curlformer is a great DIY curler for those people who wants to achieve nice spirally curls with no heat. I wanted to buy it so badly and try it out for my hair. It's a bit of a challenge for me to curl my hair because I had my hair cut into an angled bob and even though it has grown a bit and has reached my shoulders, it's still hard to grab all the hair and curl it in place. I think curlformers will make it easier for me to curl my hair.

Just when I was all set and ready to buy, I remembered a tiny bit of problem... I HAVE NO MONEY! Okay, so the problem wasn't tiny at all. I should've thought of that before going through stuff online but the thought was just completely blocked from my mind. I forgot that I spent most of my money to buy a ticket for the 2NE1 show in Araneta this June. Hmmm... I guess I have to stay away from shopping for a while... For now, I just have to create some kind of ritual to make it rain money. LOL! You'll never know... My next post could be "How to Make it Rain Money". And the next post after that could be "How to Make it Rain Money (Specific Currency)". ROFL!with love, Anna Luisa

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