Thursday, May 19, 2011

Shine Moist Curly Elastic Mousse: Review

Hi guys! This is just going to be a simple review on Shine Moist Curly Elastic Mousse, the one I posted about yesterday. Hehe I got this about a year ago, I guess. It was sold for like PHP250-300 at Watson's. I'm not sure, I can't really remember.

I haven't been actually able to use it solely. I have stick straight hair and usually, when I curl my hair, I apply this mousse prior to curling and then after I've curled everything, I also put on some hair spray.

Today, however, I tried this product to test if it would be able to hold a curl if I use this product alone, with no aid from hair spray and heat! Yes, you read that right. No heat. I basically parted my hair in two and kind of french braided my hair (with just two strands). It's more of a twist. But anyway, this is a great no heat curling technique. If you leave it on for a couple of hours, even without any product, your hair would curl.

I tried placing the mousse before twisting everything and I just let it stay put for about 2 hours before I untwisted my hair. To my disappointment, it did not hold the curls.

I had this messy beachy type of curl at first but it was minimal, if not unnoticeable. Also, it went back to being straight after a few minutes. That's just so... sad, right? It works fine with heat though so I guess I did not totally waste my money on this.

It's just that after some pondering, I feel that this product is NOT WORTH IT.

Anyway, on to the pros and cons.

- Not sticky
- Retains hair's softness

- Only good if paired with a hair spray
- Cannot hold a curl for long
- Needs heat to hold a curl/wave

with love, Anna Luisa


Morbidfrank said...

I never knew Watson's carry this item. Although you feel it's not worth it, I might try it if I get to see this in one of watson's branches. I have curly hair but it's frizzy. This might help reduce the frizziness of my hair. Most Mousse products in the market cost more than P300. Thanks for sharing this. :)

Anna Luisa said...

@Morbidfrank: Do tell me what your thoughts on the product are when you get to buy it. I think it would work better on you because you already have the curls to start with. My hair is just really picky with curling products/items. xp

thanks for following. :)

danix said...

Hi Anna! I also experienced the same way. However my hair is really frizzy unlike yours (i think).

BUT! I'm really disappointed! this product did not hold the curls. I bought it for 254.75 at watsons also. I was thinking about buying this one or V05 CURL UP, but I ended up with this stuff thinking that it's more promising because of price difference. What a waste.

Anyway, i love your review! Thanks for sharing!

Anna Luisa said...

Hi Danix! Thanks for sharing. So I guess the effect is consistent to other people as well. Lesson learned... the hard way. Good thing it's not overly expensive or I would be really mad. Haha!

Anonymous said...

i have been using this product for 2 days,
my hair is curly, it works best in natural curly hair,
i think this mousse works for defining the natural curls of the hair,
and im not totally disappointed.


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