Monday, December 15, 2014

Bulgogi Brothers: Food Diary

Bulgogi Brothers is a restaurant that I've heard more than once, twice or thrice from my good old 'chingu' (Korean for friend), Lyle. We're both Korean culture fanatics and we try a lot of Korean stuff just for appreciation. For a little over a year now, she's been raving about the restaurant saying small Korean restaurants we've eaten in so far doesn't compare to Bulgogi Brothers. Today, is just going to be a simple post showing you some of the food we ate while having lunch at the said restaurant.

I've never blogged about food and I don't think I have enough adjectives in my vocabulary to fully describe how the food tasted all in all so I'll just leave the photos to hopefully speak for itself. (Like it would. LOL)

Like any other Korean restaurants, there are so many side dishes that are served before main meals so make sure to not order too much food. I made this mistake in Kogi Bulgogi. So I was more careful in ordering this time around.


 More side dishes

So there were three of us and we ordered bibimbap, dukbokki and some korean barbecue. I wish I remember what exact barbecue we had but it was indeed a scrumptious meal.

 Best bibimbap ever!


 Juicy barbecue!
 Oh yeah!

 This is what my lettuce wrap is made of

We ate the Glorietta 2. We actually sat in the Modern Shanghai restaruant part of the place but you can order from both restaurants. We got out drinks from there.

Sparkling Tropical Fruit Juice

I ate with two people who can't drink sparkling/carbonated beverages but this sparkling tropical fruit juice isn't really carbonated. It doesn't have the 'spirit', as both call it and hate.

All in all, my experience at Bulgogi Brothers was nothing but pure satisfaction. I'd definitely go back if I had the chance to. How about you? Have you tried eating in this restaurant before? How was it?
With Love,
Anna Luisa

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