Sunday, August 24, 2014

Nature Republic Color Waltz Nail Polish (Mint Sky and Hot Pink): Review

One of the most affordable products in Nature Republic would have to be their Color Waltz nail polish collection. It is priced at PHP 55, which is definitely budget friendly. They have a wide collection of nail colors and if you get them in boutiques, they have testers for each shade so you can try it out before buying one.

I got mine as a gift from Kristine (Real Asian Beauty). I joined her meet and greet last March and she gave some goodies for the attendees which was really sweet. I got this pair of nail polishes, which I absolutely love! The colors are super bright and eye catching.

Perfect Spring/Summer Colors
BL507/ Mint Sky
PK214/ Hot Pink
The Color Waltz collection has a flower design up on top of the handle (applicator).

My favorite of the two would have to be Mint Sky just because I find that the shade is more unique compared to the Hot Pink one (although my favorite color is pink). Combined, the two creates a really nice fun nail art, just like the one I did for a K-Pop inspired nails below.

Hyomin- Nice Body Inspired Nail Art
All in all, I am very satisfied with this nail polish. I find that most nail polishes these days, no matter what brand it is, chips off easily but this one happens to last longer on my nails. It has a semi-glossy finish so technically, using a top coat is not necessary although I highly suggest applying one on top to seal it and maximize its longevity.
For more information, you can visit Nature Republic Philippines facebook page.

with love, Anna Luisa


Kristine said...

How much does this cost?

Nyxie of ByNyght said...

Ah i adore the Mint Sky polish (the color is absolutely gorgeous)! I'm always looking for nail polish that can last a while and I'm thinking I might have to try out some Nature Republic polish haha. Oh and the Nail art you did is super cute!

Uisa said...

Thanks Nyxie! That nail art is super simple but I super suck in nail art that I did one nail for a total of 6 hours! Hahaha!

Uisa said...

Glad to know I'm not alone. :)

Uisa said...

I believe it's PHP55 but I'm not entirely sure. I just got the price over the internet but I'm pretty sure it's around that price range.

Nyxie of ByNyght said...

Your Welcome! Ah I'm in the exact same way, I cannot do nail art to save my life (anything that involves drawing designs on my nails just turns into a big mess!). Ah it's still really lovely nail art!