Saturday, August 9, 2014

ISKIN New York Renew Cream: Review

For the record, ISKIN New York Renew remains to be my biggest skin care splurge of all time. Priced at around PHP 4000+, I don't even remember what possessed my stingy self to actually purchase this product.

A little more than a year ago, I've been really loyal to Flawless, a local skin clinic. I was literally #AlagangFlawless (#CaredForbyFlawless) for almost one year (or even greater). I had to go back to the clinic every two weeks because I've had the worst breakouts in the history of my life in the year 2012.

Along with my scheduled (every 2 weeks) acne control facials, I was using their Flawless skin care set (SAS Soap, Erythromycin Solution, Skin White Therapy, Sunblock, Tretinoin) prescribed to me by their clinic dermatologist. Time and time again, my dermatologist would tell me to try out their exclusive ISKIN New York skin care line as she swears it's the perfect skin care set that local celebrities even use. But time and time again, I declined. This is because the whole set was around PHP 10,000 and I didn't think my heart could handle such a huge expense just for a few pieces of skin care.

Months passed and I was feeling pressed by the fact that although my skin was improving, it wasn't improving fast enough. Needless to say, I was getting impatient. So when my dermatologist suggested to add at least one of the ISKIN skin care products, I gave in. As stated above, I got the ISKIN New York Renew Cream. The price almost made my heart skip several beats but I told myself it was going to be an investment.

The dermatologist instructed for me to mix the ISKIN Renew with my Tretinoin cream that I use every night. She told me it would help with evening out my skin tone and help lighten the breakout scars I've formed.

God knows I wanted to love the product. I had to because it was worth more than my whole previous skin care set combined. So just like before, I followed my doctor's instructions and religiously applied the product every single night, without fail. Sadly, however, I didn't really see any major difference in my skin quality.

True enough, some of my scars have lightened but it could also have been due to the number of chemical peels I've had. My skin condition also didn't improve drastically while using the product. In its defense, however, it did not break me out. It also took me almost a year before I was finally able to finish the whole bottle. It's just that for a skin care product that amounts to more than PHP 4,000, I didn't really think it was worth it.

I'm not sure if it was because I didn't use the whole set but I didn't really want to risk more of my money just to see if the whole set would provide me better results. To cut this review short, I was really disappointed with this particular product and I wouldn't really recommend it. I'm sorry but I just don't think it's worth its price. I could have easily gone with their regular Flawless skin care set, without the addition of ISKIN Renew, and I might have still achieved similar results.
with love, Anna Luisa

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