Saturday, April 16, 2016

Belo Perfecting Shield Tinted Sunscreen: Review

Recently, I have been neglecting my blog over youtube because I have been more into watching than reading. Lately, I have been obsessed with watching and doing first impressions review. While watching PinayBeautyandStyle Lover's channel, I chanced upon her first impressions review of the Belo BB Cream (or was it the Tinted Sunscreen?).

She mentioned that Sample Room had available samples of the product when she last checked. It served as a good reminder for me to check what's new in Sample Room. After all, it has been a while since my last visit to the website. Upon checking, I found out that there were a little over a hundred samples of the new tinted sunscreen from Belo. I immediately checked the amount of points I had and fortunately, I had enough. Hence, I took the chance and got one.

After a few days, the package arrived but it wasn't until a few more days after that I finally got to try the product. I filmed my first impressions review of the product. If you want to know my initial thoughts on it, you might want to check the video which will be linked through the photo below.

However, if you just want to read about my final thoughts on the product, feel free to finish reading this post. I certainly wouldn't mind that.


The Belo Perfecting Shield Tinted Sunscreen comes in a squeeze tube packaging. Following pumps, I like squeeze tube packagings because it allows me to control the amount of product to be dispensed. To add to my delight, it has a nozzle tip that actually allows the product to be re-capped without looking like a total mess. It prevents product from dripping too much.


Despite the fact that the shade is called medium to deep, the shade for this particular product actually matched my skin tone. I wouldn't necessarily say I have fair skin but I'm kind of in the light medium side.


No coverage at all! If you want a base with a little bit of coverage, stay awayfrom this. However, it is important to know that more than being a makeup base, this is a tinted SUNSCREEN, not foundation or bb cream.


Upon squeezing the product out, you would notice that it is on the lightweight side. It isn't runny but when you blend it on your skin, it feels a bit watery. It's a little hard to work just with fingertips, though. I find that using a sponge is better for this product. Even though it feels watery on the skin, the sponge doesn't eat up the product and makes the application much easier.


 One layer
 Two layers

This one definitely has a dewy finish. It would be good for those who have dry skin. However, I have oily skin which is why I really need to set this with powder or I will grease up.


After 6 hours

I want this product to work for me but unfortunately, after a few hours, this makes me oil up like crazy! Also, I find that when I sweat a lot, the product moves around my face.

I really tried to consider the fact that this is more of a skin care than makeup. However, the next day after trying this one out, it broke me out! Instantly, I would deduct 2 points from my original rating of 3.5/5. I would also deduct 1 point more because now that I am looking at the videos of my first impressions, I see that my skin was way oilier than I thought I looked like. So yeah, 1/5. Sorry.

This product isn't for me. I would suggest it for people who have dry skin though. You just have to look through the ingredients and see if it has anything in it that may irritate your skin. You can try Sample Room, if you want to try it out for free.

With Love,
Anna Luisa

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