Saturday, November 8, 2014

Traditional Perming: Bench Fix

It comes as no surprise that people with straight hair would want to have their hair curled and people with curly hair would want theirs to be straightened. It's often just a feeling you get when you want a bit of a change from your usual stuff. I, myself, have felt that need for something new. Hence, my permed hair.

I've been born with fine, pin straight hair and I've always loved the fact that I was. I feel that straight hair is just so easy to work with that I've never resented the fact that I had it. A couple of months ago, however, I started having this urge to change my hair style a little bit by having it permanently curled. Initially, I planned for it to be done by T&J late in November but a series of events led me to have it done earlier in the month of October with my best friend, Botbot.

We scourged every salon in Festival Mall Alabang and after so many questions and comparisons, we finally decided on getting traditional perming from Bench Fix. Although we originally planned to have the digital perming, we still went for traditional perming because it's the same procedure my best friend had done a few years back and we wanted to have the same effect on our hair. The procedure costed PHP 1300.

We started our session at around 6PM. They shampooed our hair and we had the extension side of the salon all to ourselves. I let my stylist choose the size of the curlers and we decided to have the curlers a little bit above my ears to achieve better curls that will last longer.

After shampoo
 First perming solution on

After winding up all of my hair into the curlers, the first perming solution was applied. According to the stylist doing my hair, the first solution breaks the (original hair) bond so that the hair can take the shape that they want. They left it for about 15 minutes then applied the neutralizer (for another 15 minutes) that will supposedly hold the curls in place. After which, the solution was washed out, I was shampooed and my hair was dried.

 Waiting for the neutralizer to kick in
 Before removing the curlers

I also received Total Hair Repair treatment which costed me about PHP900. They said a hair treatment is a must once hair has been subjected to perming so I gave in and let them give me the treatment, which they applied for a couple of minutes before rinsing. Afterwards, my hair was dried and I got a complimentary bangs trim. I didn't ask for it but my stylist gave me one without charge. (Wow! I know, right?!)

 Total Repair Treatment
 Initial Results

I super loved how my hair looked in the salon. It was just the right amount of curl I wanted. Nothing too small nor big. I just simply loved it and I felt every bit of prettiness in me shine. As the salon (and the mall) was closing soon, I gave the staff quick compliments, some tip and left. My best friend and I were super happy and we headed home.

When I arrived home, approximately 40 minutes later, I immediately went inside my mom's room and showed her my perm. And all she said was why is it that it's not that curled? It's just a little wavy. At first, I thought my mom was just being unappreciative but when I looked in the mirror, I was shocked to see that my hair was indeed just a little wavy.

 The subtle wave I was talking about.

I didn't panic right away, though. I've read somewhere that hair tends to be curlier when wet than dry when it's traditionally permed. The problem was, the next day, I wasn't allowed to shampoo my hair because of the treatment. So I skipped washing my hair then and I couldn't see if the hair situation would get better once it's washed. That day, I just bought some perm hair products like shampoo, conditioner, curling lotion and mousse, which I will talk about in another post.

To my dismay, even on the day after, after I washed my hair and put in styling products, my hair still stayed subtly waved with some parts already going back straight. Without any delays, I called up the Bench Fix branch and told them my concerns. I was told to swing by the salon so they can see the exact concerns and have it retouched if it really has gone straight. They told me to go back the day after (Sunday) or Monday.

Come Sunday, I went back. I couldn't wait for a long time because I wanted my hair to be fixed ASAP. I met up with my best friend in the salon because apparently, her hair also straightened! She was assessed by her stylist but with me, they told me my stylist wasn't around because it was her day off. I was hoping another stylist could do my hair but they said due to their policies, I will have to come back the next day, Monday.

I agreed to go back but not before I told them I wasn't happy that they made me come that day when my stylist wasn't even around. But because there was nothing to be done, I went home with ugly looking hair. The next day, Monday, I called in first prior to leaving the house to confirm if my stylist was indeed in. She was and I was instructed to go straight to the salon.

When I arrived, I was immediately attended by my stylist. They washed my hair, did some assessment (my hair was still healthy) and agreed that my hair really needs retouching. They did the retouch with no charge and with smaller curl barrels. They told me they couldn't give me bigger curls because my hair was resistant to curling. I didn't mind so I agreed with the smaller curls. After which, my curls were done.

 After the retouch

I didn't really love my new curls because it was a lot smaller but I knew it would get bigger in time so I didn't say anything. I left the salon quite happy. After a while, though, I noticed that my hair was starting to straighten up. I could have gone back to the salon. But I didn't want to subject my hair for another perming session so I just made do with what they've done. After 5 days, here's how my hair looked like:

Right now, it's been 2 weeks and more hair has straightened and my curls have gone bigger. I'm pretty sure it will straighten soon. Oh well, I guess tradional perming isn't for me. So sad. Maybe I should go for digiperm next time. But only if it's still possible with my hair. If not, I'll just cut it short.

With Love,
Anna Luisa

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