Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Olay Natural White Healthy Fairness Body Bar

It comes as no surprise that many Asian countries prefer fairer looking skin and Philippines is definitely not an exception. The trend has been around for such a long time and it is here to stay. In fact, out of all my blog posts, my most commented and viewed entry would have to be on a whitening product which just proves the desire of Filipinas to get lighter skin.

There are so many skin lightening options out in the market these days but I've only been comfortable with using whitening soaps. The problem is, there's a huge selection of brands out there so choosing one out of the many could be a chore. Also, most whitening soaps have strong chemicals that causes redness, peeling patches and sometimes itchiness.

For a while now, I've been suffering from acute urticaria (skin rashes) which inhibits me from using just any soap out in the market. You see, with urticaria, I can't have dry skin or it will cause major itchiness and rashes. So for the longest period of time, I stayed away from whitening soaps.

About a month ago, however, I went on a swimming party with some of my good friends. While I didn't notice anything different during the time I was playing under the sun, I realized that my skin got a lot darker when I was headed home. A week later, I decided it's time to try out whitening soaps once again.

Out of all the brands out there, I decided to go with Olay Natural White Healthy Fairness bar. It comes in two variants: Vitamin C & Papaya Extract. It contains the same ingredients as Olay’s renowned skin creams so I was confident that it would be as moisturizing as I want it to be. It has Triple Whitening System that (1) Exfoliates, (2) brightens and (3) evens skin tone, so you can get All-in-One Fairness with just a single product.

 Papaya extract

 Vitamin C

After trying out the product, I can honestly say it is better than other whitening bars I've used in the past such as Kojie-san and C.Y. Gabriel. I admit to be fond of them before but lately, their formula causes my skin to dry up, become patchy and itchy all at the same time. Olay, on the other hand, was significantly gentler on the skin. Although it is a whitening product, it still possesses good moisturization properties that helps preserve my skin integrity with no effort. It also has a pleasing fresh scent (I used the Papaya Extract variant) that I'm loving. What's even better is that this is available in leading supermarkets, drug stores and sari-sari stores starting at only PHP15.

It doesn't give whitening results over a single use but gradually, it helps lighten my skin tone and makes it look more even. This has definitely taken the place of the previous body bar I'm using. Frankly speaking, I thought my love affair with whitening soaps has completely ended but my encounter with this product proved me wrong.

With Love,
Anna Luisa

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