Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Sophie Lipstick (Ice Pink/ SLPK01): Review + Swatch Comparison

Lately, my posts have been mostly skin care related so I decided to squeeze in a makeup review for a small change. Actually, this post is something that I actually planned to make  more than six months ago but due to a lot of backlogs, this has been pushed back until today.

Last March 2014, I joined Real Asian Beauty (Kristine)'s Meet and Greet in SM Aura. Kristine has always been one of my favorite Filipina bloggers/youtubers so when I came across an opportunity to meet her, I grabbed it. During the meet up, she gave us small gifts as token of appreciation for our support and it included a Sophie Lipstick. (Isn't she the sweetest?) I got the shade SLPK01 or Ice Pink, which I will be reviewing today.

 Simple black packaging with pink details and print
Expiration date is printed on the shade sticker

When I got the gift, one of the things I was most excited about was getting this lipstick because I've never tried Sophie Paris products before. Also, I took a look at the shade and it said 'Ice Pink'. Pink is my favorite color so I was almost instantly sold.

Upon looking at the actual product, however, I noticed that the tip was nicked. It was a shame cause I knew I wouldn't be able to take nice photos for the blog but I figured I could just take one anyway.


I was happy to see it looked like a bright pink lip color. I was into bright pink lip colors at that time because of Cheon Song Yi from the Korean drama You Who Came From the Stars. She constantly wore hot pink lips in most of the scenes there so I was instantly drawn into trying out similar shades to that.

Lip Swatch (Excuse my blemishes, sorry.)

When I tried it on my lips, it looked more hot pink than I was expecting. It reminded me of the Nichido High Definition Lipstick in Pretty Tulip so I decided to take a side by side swatch of some hot pink lipsticks I own (which will be shown later).

This particular lipstick is very pigmented and although it isn't as moisturizing as other lipsticks I own, I find that the formulation is still forgiving as it doesn't fully dry out my lips. There is a tendency to feel that lips are drying up but actual palpation of the lips prove otherwise. I usually like to prep my lips with lip balm before applying this.

It stays on for about 3 hours before reapplication is needed. It doesn't leave a stain on the lips and wears out after eating or drinking. Performance isn't really all that different from other lipsticks below.

1. Revlon Lip Butter in Sweet Tart 2. Nichido High Definition Lipstick in Pretty Tulip 3. Sophie Lipstick in Ice Pink

Swatch comparison, same order of products from left to right (Revlon- Nichido- Sophie)

Although they may look very similar, I find that there is still a noticeable difference (in shade) between the three that the camera doesn't pick up quite well. I really had a nice time interchanging these three colors all throughout summer season.

I guess that's it for the review. I'm not sure if I covered every aspect needed for this product review but I'm so sleepy right now. It's almost midnight and I need to schedule this post to be uploaded for tomorrow.

To end this post, let me ask you to comment down below if you've tried this product before or not. Also, what is your current favorite lip shade?
With Love,
Anna Luisa

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